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How To Build Real Relationships In The Virtual World

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April 10th, 2019   |   Updated on September 18th, 2021

There are obvious differences between building relationships in the virtual world, as opposed to constructing the same networks in reality. In the 2D world, you are interacting with a series of pixels, arranged as text or images.

You can certainly communicate as if the person is in the same room, but nowhere near as directly as a 3D connection. In the flesh, you can gauge reactions, and read the subtle body language which can often be at odds with the flow of conversation.

But for many, the convenience offered by a dating site like TenderMeets for example is far preferable. If you can follow some of these suggestions, you’ll have every possibility of building worthwhile relationships in the virtual world.


1. Write A Strong Biography


The most important aspect of making connections in the digital environment is creating a readily-identifiable persona. Regardless of where you are reaching out to individuals who are initially strangers to you in order to get to know them better, you’ll need to be able to refer them to an outline of yourself.

Depending on which platforms you happen to be adopting, the potency of this biography will vary. With social media such as Twitter, where it’s all about instant engagement, you don’t need a lengthy CV. A couple of sentences will suffice, although you’ll need to use even more thought in conveying maximum information is a limited area.

LinkedIn allows more flexibility, and you can include relevant employment details here in a succinct CV format. The bottom line is, new associates will want to be able to click on a link to a landing page where you introduce yourself, outlining your achievements and aspirations, giving them a rounded idea of your character.


2. Engage Across Multiple Channels


The virtual world represents a setting where you can connect with a diverse range of people, across many channels. This allows you to develop a variety of relationships, depending on the particular circumstances which have drawn you together with other site users.

LinkedIn can provide some of the functionality once the mainstay of the likes of FriendsReunited, giving clients the ability to look up former work colleagues in order to touch base socially, it is primarily about networking.

You can build excellent relationships here, interacting with people who are active in your own business field, messaging kindred spirits, and keeping a finger on the pulse of employment opportunities.

Facebook also allows its users to sift through all manner of content where they’ll see job vacancies advertised, but it also provides a platform for making new acquaintances based on mutual interests in everything from your favorite band to the football team you root for.

No matter which social media channel you are most comfortable with, in order to foster purposeful relationships you should always come across as affable and trustworthy. Aim to reply to messages within a tight timeframe.

Always display honesty in your text messages. When you are connecting with someone who is becoming a regular contact, take onboard aspects of their own ambitions so you can empathize, building a strong rapport.


3. Look To Ways Of Raising Your Profile

Social Media To Build Your Personal Brand

It’s one thing to have a digital footprint, to be able to present a biography of someone newcomers would like to get to know better and to be enthusiastic about keeping in touch with a growing network of acquaintances.

But you should always be looking at ways to raise your game. Seek testimonials from your LinkedIn contacts. Make arresting posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, which will attract likes and shares. Regard your virtual presence like a fire continually needing to be stoked.