Seven Ways To Add More Luxury To Your Everyday Life


Published on August 11th, 2022

Living a luxurious lifestyle can sound overwhelming — and expensive. However, this article explores our top seven ways to add some luxury to everyday life on a budget. Some are simple and quick; others take a long time and more planning.

1. Be Ready To Go On A Luxury Trip And Take Advantage Of Last-minute Deals.

Airlines don’t like empty seats on planes, and they’d rather make some money than no money.

If you live near an airport, sign up for special flight offers from each airline that flies out of that location. Packing light with a change of clothes in your carry-on can save on checked bag fees.

Signing up for an airline’s loyalty club can help you rack up points for future trips. With the ability of many employees to work remotely, you might even consider spending an entire week in a city across the country.

Grabbing a room at a discount hotel or Airbnb can allow you to work during the day and explore during the evenings while having access to laundry facilities and basic kitchen amenities to heat some leftovers.

2. Upgrade Your Cleaning Supplies.

Spending a little more on good cleaning supplies can make an enormous difference when living a life of luxury.

It may seem like picking up the cheapest cleaners, soaps, and supplies at the local dollar store is a way to save, but this is where you get what you pay for.

Not only are most discount cleaners less expensive because they use harsh chemicals instead of safer, natural agents, but they can also cause allergies and irritations.

You probably never considered the phrase luxury laundry pods, dish detergent, or shower spray, but they exist and are worth it. Your family, pets, and visitors will also notice the upgrade.

3. Choose A Home Style And Slowly Build Your Living Space Around It.

Matching your home to your personality is essential for your happiness and the luxury of a consistent theme throughout your living space.

Having mismatched furniture, kitchen appliances, wall coverings, artwork, and flooring is fine when you’re just starting– but eventually, finding your style and building a theme around it is the thing to do.

Different pieces could combine into a creative fusion from modern, traditional, boho, organic modern, eclectic, modern farmhouse, glam, minimalist, rustic, coastal, etc.

Once you have found your core style themes, take the time to learn all about them. This knowledge alone seems to be a bit glamorous.

Bonus points if you can repurpose, donate, or sell things you’re slowly replacing to help someone else live their best luxury life. Our advice? Start with your main bathroom. If there’s one place someone should feel pampered, it’s there.

3. Choose A Home Style And Slowly Build Your Living Space Around It.

People move, tastes change, weight is lost or gained, and clothes, furniture, and home goods get donated or sold via consignment shops and online marketplaces.

Building a good relationship with the consignment manager can also be helpful. If you give your size and brand preferences, a good consignment manager will text or call you when they have something that comes in that fits your style.

Setting up alerts for your favorite brands on online marketplaces can do the same thing there.

5. Find Foodie Events And Dine Prix Fixe.

If you’re looking to eat fancy on a budget, start by finding events with food tastings on local event calendars and social media groups.

A popular trend in charity events is “Taste of” events, where regional restaurants offer their best food samples to event attendees.

Your plate fills up with assorted items from each restaurant table. Search for your city or region name, such as “A Taste of Cleveland,” to find such an event.

You can also find restaurant deals by finding area restaurants that offer a prix fixe menu which means a fixed-price menu where you choose an appetizer, entrée, and dessert from a limited selection.

6. Join A Gym And Get A Personal Trainer.

There seems to be no shortage of fitness venues – from the most basic circuit gyms where you get a door code and go whenever you want to community gyms at the YMCA to luxury fitness centers with fancy juice bars, pools/aquatics, and executive locker rooms with towel attendants.

Whatever your budget, prioritizing physical fitness in your life can be a luxury, especially if you take our advice and sign up for personal training sessions.

Not only will your trainer work with you on individual goals and plans, but they will also teach you exactly how to use the facility’s equipment and ensure you are not overdoing it.

If you’re unsure about what gym to join, ask them for a one-month membership and try it out. You can always move on if it’s not a good fit.

7. Focus On Self Care.

One thing that cannot be taken for granted is the luxury of self-care. Beyond the physical improvements you can make at the gym, you can also live luxuriously by prioritizing wellness and mindfulness.

Yoga, massage therapy, meditation, therapy, and wellness groups can improve your mental and emotional health.

You don’t even have to go to a luxury spa. Reach out to local trade schools for massage therapists doing their practical hours, find community yoga classes, join your library’s book club, and schedule activities that focus on you. Now that’s luxury.

In Conclusion

Our list proves that luxury has little to do with the price of the things that surround us or the things themselves.

Instead, it has everything to do with feeling luxurious, and you can’t put a price on that.