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Amazon Introduces Generative AI To Alexa With Selective Availability

Published on October 26th, 2023

Amazon has unveiled its latest offering in the realm of voice assistants, catering specifically to children.

This new feature, known as “Explore with Alexa,” leverages generative AI technology to provide an interactive and educational experience.

Initially introduced in September, it is now officially accessible to the public, albeit exclusively for subscribers to the premium Amazon Kids Plus service, and its availability is limited to select regions.

The core functionality of Explore with Alexa revolves around responding to children’s queries, typically posed through an Alexa-enabled device or a smart speaker.

When a child inquires about a topic, such as an animal, the system offers responses comprised of factual information and trivia drawn from reliable sources.

However, these responses are tailored to foster ongoing curiosity by encouraging the child to ask follow-up questions about the same subject.

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In certain contexts, Alexa may also proactively inquire if the child would like to hear more in-depth details.

While this might initially seem akin to an “Alexa for Kids” concept, Explore with Alexa distinguishes itself through its approach to answering questions.

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It prioritizes a conversational tone, employs simpler and more easily comprehensible language and concepts, and delivers responses with a more narrative quality.

This experience is achieved by utilizing a “protected version” of Amazon’s language model coupled with the capabilities of generative AI.

Amazon has disclosed plans for continuous expansion of the knowledge base and the inclusion of video content for supported devices in the future.

Moreover, the company is actively working on permitting adults to personalize the experience for children.

The exact timeline for incorporating these generative AI features into everyday interactions with Alexa remains uncertain.

Feature Image Source: Brandon Romanchuk