How To Access US Netflix From UK

Access US Netflix From UK

Published on March 23rd, 2022

“It’s not fair, people in the US get way more Netflix content than us here in the UK!”

Is this the first you’re hearing of this? If so, well, it’s true. If not, you’ll likely have discussed with your mates how to get access to US Netflix by combining your UK Netflix account with a reliable VPN.

Not familiar with Netflix either? It’s the world’s biggest TV and Movie streaming platform with over 220 million paying subscribers (and a large number more who borrow login details from their friends and families. With so much exclusive and impressive content hosted on Netflix, the next ‘must watch’ series or award-winning movie might require you to do the same.

How To Access US Netflix From UK Servers

Netflix knows where you are thanks to something called IP addresses. We’ll spare you the gory details of what these are, but essentially they are packed with data about your internet service and location. This is how the service knows what country you’re in and what content to show you.

Remember, Netflix states “Each country has its own catalogue of original and licensed TV shows and movies. The country on your account can’t be changed unless you move to a new one.” So, in effect, they have licensing agreements for each country, and that’s why they show you the content specific to your country.

So, how do you access Netflix from UK locations and avoid the hassle of heading down to Heathrow and jumping on a 7-hour flight across the pond? You use something called a VPN.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): Your Key To International Netflix Content

Note that you’ll still need to have a login – a VPN does not get you around that hurdle.

A Virtual Private Network, VPN for short, allows you to do a number of interesting things while you browse the internet. In relation to this article, the most prominent feature is that it can re-route your IP address through another country, so that when you visit websites, they think you’re somewhere else.

The process is pretty straightforward:

1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN service, like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or SurfShark,

2. Install the browser extension plugin or downloadable software, depending on the device you’re using and the service you opted for

3. Choose the server country that you want to use, in this case, it’s the United States. The tool then changes your IP address to spoof Netflix into thinking you’re in the US

4. Refresh your Netflix page on whatever device you’re using

5. You now have access to that country’s Netflix library

6. If your content library didn’t change:

  • Clear your cache
  • Clear your cookies
  • Go incognito
  • Try a different server

Why Bother To Access International Netflix Libraries?

  • The Netflix library in your content is a bit thin, with not a lot of international content to browse and enjoy. This is especially the case of Moldova, which has the lowest number of award-winning movies
  • There’s a particular type of movie you’re looking for, like Anime (Japan), Nollywood (Nigeria), or Bollywood (India)
  • You’re looking for quality over quantity, this might lead you to South Korea, which has more Academy Award-winning movies than any other country – Switzerland is in 2nd place for this
  • SurfShark reported that the United States has the biggest library of content, with 5,879 movies and series combined, whereas Canada has a record of 4,043 movies – though this research was done in November 2021 so you can expect higher numbers now!
  • You’re learning a foreign language and want to access more native content from that country, rather than using subtitles

Blocks: Why Else Would You Want A VPN?

VPNs can be really useful if you’re trying to access content that is blocked in your country, like gambling sites, streaming services, news channels, and in the case of China, a large portion of the open internet.

Now, blocks are common when it comes to Netflix and VPNs, as they don’t really like you using them. They have tools and work with cyber-services to stop people using a VPN to access US Netflix from UK servers, as well as other countries with weaker content libraries (like Moldova). Fortunately, better VPNs have found ways to go undetected.

Is It Effective? Problems VPNs Suffer From

Not every VPN is able to stream Netflix effectively. On top of their code being blocked by Netflix’s efforts, some VPNs are simply too slow or lack the stability to stream effectively. That’s why there’s only a handful of VPNs in the top tier. We’ve mentioned them already – NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark. They’re pulling away from their competitors.

Which VPN Is Best For Accessing US Netflix?

Choosing the best VPN is pretty subjective, but any of the three we’ve mentioned will serve you well. The best thing to know is that all three of them have 30-day moneyback guarantees and massive discounts if you purchase long-term packages.

Now you know how to access US Netflix from UK and other countries.