Azure 104 Certification Exam Preparation

Azure 104 Certification Exam

March 22nd, 2022   |   Updated on July 4th, 2022

AZ 104 certification examination measures the competence of the Azure administrator. The exam tests your knowledge of handling cloud services that span security, storage, networking, cloud, and other cloud capacities of Microsoft Azure.

The older Microsoft certification exams like AZ-100. AZ-101, AZ-102, and AZ-103 expired when Microsoft released a new role-based Microsoft Azure Certification AZ-104 exam. So, if you wish to become a Microsoft certified Azure administrator, you will have to prepare for the exam. However, before you dive into the preparation, you should know about the exam.

Overview Of AZ 104 Certification Exam

The complete name of the certification is Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification. AZ 104 certification exam contains forty to sixty multiple-choice questions. Moreover, the exam of Azure certification cost is one hundred and sixty-five USD. You don’t have any prerequisites for the examination.

The validity of the exam is two years. You can find the exam in English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese languages.

Objectives Of Microsoft Azure AZ 104 Examination

Azure 104 certification exam combines the previous two Microsoft Azure Certifications exams, which are AZ-100 and AZ-101. Therefore, you have to cover more syllabus to prepare for the AZ 104 exam. You have to cover the subsequent topics.

  • Implement and manage storage. (15-20%)
  • Handle Azure governance and identities. (15-20%)
  • Configure and handle virtual networking. (25-30%)
  • Deploy and manage Azure compute resources. (20-25%)
  • Monitor and back up the resources of Azure. (10-15%)

How To Prepare For AZ 104 Certification Exam

  • Check out the official page of the Microsoft AZ 104 exam: Before you start your preparation, you should check out the official page on the Microsoft website. You can find the authentic, exact and updated information on the detail page of the AZ 104 exam. You can find out about the registration fee, eligibility criteria, objectives of the Microsoft cloud certification exam, scheduling options, etc.
  • Comprehend the examination topic: As each new exam contains new topics, you have to understand the objectives of the AZ 104 certification exam. You can find out about the weight of different modules on the official detail page of the exam. You can be well-prepared for the Azure certification training if you are thoroughly aware of each module and domain.
  • Take training online: Among the effortless and convenient ways to prepare for the exam is online training. You will learn about the concepts of each module from industry experts via online training. In addition, Microsoft provides a free portal where you can learn at your own pace. Microsoft also has a personalized instructor-led training facility which you have to pay for preparing for the exam.
  • Reference books and online resources: The Microsoft press has published the Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam Reference AZ 103 book as part of the reference series for the exam. The writers of the books are subject matter experts who can assist you in learning and passing the exam. The authors of this book are Scott Hoag, Michael Washam, and Jonathan Tuliani. You can find the book from the press store of Microsoft. The book covers the previous versions of Azure certifications, so it contains all the modules of the Azure 104 exam.
  • Online discussion forums and study groups: You can join online discussion forums and study groups to prepare for the exam. It can allow you to connect with other candidates and those who are already Azure administrators. You can get resolutions to your queries and answers to your questions in these forums. So, it is necessary for you to join some forums during your preparation for the AZ 104 exam.
  • Practice with mock exams: You should boost your confidence and prepare for the AZ 104 exam in the final step. When you think that you have covered all the steps of the preparations and gone through all the resources, you should focus your attention on the good Simulators. The Simulators for AZ 104 examination creates an environment of an actual exam of Microsoft Azure Certification. You can find out about your strengths and weaknesses through these Simulators, and you can enhance your strength and improve your weakened points. You can avail many websites online that provide desktop mosque exams and online Simulators to prepare for the exam.

During the exam, you should follow some pointers that can help you excel at your performance, no matter how nerve-wracking the exam is for you. First, try to keep yourself as relaxed as you can during the exam.

It would be best if you arrived early at the exam centre. So, it will give you enough time to fulfil your formalities and concentrate on your examination. Furthermore, ensure that you have taken sufficient rest before sitting for the test.

If you desire to advance in your career as an Azure administrator, you should prepare yourself for taking the AZ 104 certification exam. The exam enhances your skill and represents them to your employers, which gives you the advantage to stand out.

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