Top 5 Blockchain Or Launchpad In 2022

Blockchain Or Launchpad

December 17th, 2021   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

Blockchain has acquired immense traction over the past three years. Blockchain technology is not only present in the cryptocurrency industry.

NFT models, decentralized applications, and innovative contract organizations use blockchain technology. To get a complete overview of cryptocurrency trading, check .

The public database recording transaction history has also entered the healthcare industry.

The evolution of blockchain ensures that users overtake the financial segment’s boundaries. The NFT marketplace is booming right now, and blockchain is a significant reason behind this fact.

Here is some popular Launchpad that everyone should know.


Ethereum is a known name in the cryptocurrency market. Ethereum is a blockchain, whereas its token is an altcoin.

Ether was designed to pay the gas fees on the ethereum network, but now it is one of the profitable digital currencies.

Ethereum supports complete decentralization and is very different from the blockchain of bitcoin. The original blockchain offered intelligent contracts, and now smart contracts are an essential part of the blockchain industry.

Due to proof of work technology, the gas fees of the ethereum blockchain is very high. Moreover, transaction speed on ethereum’s blockchain is lesser than other intelligent chains.

Therefore, the developers have announced implementing the proof of stakes model in the next ether model.

Proof of stakes promises to decline the gas fees of the ethereum blockchain by an exceeding extent. Regardless of high gas fees, many NFT games like Axie Infinity use the ethereum blockchain, which is scalable and secure.


Corda is an innovative blockchain model. The extent of the security corda offer is immense. Corda is a popular Launchpad in the Defi segment.

Corda is an appropriate model for industries like the insurance industry, health care industry, and decentralized finance. The developers of this model keep coming with the latest technologies and never let the model become outdated.


Tezos entered the marketplace even before ethereum. Tezos is one of the traditional dedicated blockchain models.

Tezos comes with an innovative contract feature that makes it even more appealing. The modern variation of digital assets, such as non-fungible tokens, can also be minted on this platform.

Despite being the oldest blockchain model, Tezos is still one of the advanced blockchain models as the developer team always tries to make Tezos better than other intelligent chains. Recently, the developers expanded the limit of intelligent contracts.


BSC stands for binance intelligent chains. BSC is a Launchpad or blockchain developed by the largest foreign exchange binance. Similar to ethereum, binance also has a Binance coin or B&B.

Earlier, people used BNB only to pay transaction fees on binance. However, the binance coin is also used to pay the gas fees on the binance intelligent chain.

Binance’s innovative chain is getting exceedingly popular amongst NFT players to earn game developers.

Some famous NFT plays to earn games based on binance bright chain are crypto mines, farmer world, bomb crypto, and crypto planes.

NFT plays to earn games, but many cryptocurrencies are also developed on BSC. BSC has a massive potential to compete with Ethereum as the gas fees are significantly lower.


EOSIN is a new blockchain model. EOSIO, similar to any other blockchain model, allows you to design decentralized apps. EOSIO is based on proof of stake mechanism. POS makes EOSIO better than the ethereum blockchain model, as ethereum works on the proof of work model.

POS is better than POW in many ways; first, mining digital currencies based on blockchain having POS is energy efficient as proof of work.

Moreover, creating digital currencies based on POS needs more electricity than cryptocurrencies using POS.

In POW, everyone can use their computers in mining but in proof of stakes, only selected miners can mine the coin.

EOSIO might seem like an underrated Launchpad to you, but more than 400 developers have created DeFi models using this blockchain.

Other popular blockchains are stellar, Quorum, R3, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Hyperledger Fabric and IBM blockchain.

All of these models are very popular amongst decentralized apps developers. You can create your model using this blockchain.

The above mentioned is a list of the top 5 blockchains.