How To Buy Real Instagram Followers

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March 13th, 2021   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

I rather not think of the time I’ve wasted, not knowing one could buy followers for Instagram.

Looking back at it now we might talk about years: Years when I was close to loose my mind and sometimes close of giving up.

Please don’t get me wrong: I have a great product, Or products, at this time, and I’m fortunate enough to work with something which I truly love. For me it is more than just loving the products that my business sell – I love each part of my business.

I have spent spent countless of ours taking pictures to my social media and written more content then I’m willing to admit.

There has always been a thought behind my Instagram and I’m very vary of how I’m posting: There is time slats for just everything and not a thing is left to chance.

I spend I huge deal of time looking after my content flow: And tho I sometimes delegate some of my commitment Instagram is never one of them,

My social medias are my babies and I make sure they keep high standard.

With that said, knowing that I’ve created something great, I wish it hadn’t been so hard to start with- and if I had known of Viplikes it might not have been.

Improve Your Instagram Followers

I remember how it started, when I first decided to use social media as a marketing place. Oh lord – was that hard.

How frustrating to sit there with the greatest product but not enough followers for it to really get effect. Of course I had my friends and family but even those people claim they want to buy all local they mostly want a product that many stands behind.

I don’t want to think of all the free product I gave away in the beginning: How I for quite some time was losing money trying to gain those first few hundred followers just so the potential buyer would feel comfortable enough to purchase what I sold.

It was a nightmare and marketing was hard: With just a couple of hundreds liking my account I could not afford to lose a soul – so I spent hour proofreading each and every post, making sure that nothing could be wrong.

And then it was the dinner table, not my own but at my moms. She has always been supportive: But I was pale with exhaustion trying to deal with all the negativity coming from my sibling.

They all used to make fun of my business and none of them believed in me. It saddens me sometimes to think of how many other people who are in the same position: Who can almost smell success but struggle crossing that one barrier.

Because that’s another truth: The first couple of thousand followers are hard – but when you hit the first two thousand the rest follow without effort.

Followers On Instagram

Therefor, I don’t think buying instagram followers is cheating – I think it’s buying yourself an advantage and perhaps a couple of years.

Viplikes gives people the option to buy those followers you would have gotten either way: But now you get them instant which means other will find you quicker then they normally would.

For a small business or influencers Viplikes service can be the difference between failure or success: And there is no doubt buying instagram followers can be a stepstone in to more, organic, likes.

I think Viplikes is a great idea and I really wish I knew about it earlier. Not because it would have changed my whole business – just because it would have given it a bit of push and allow it to grow quicker.