7 Car Buying Myths And Misconceptions Obstructing Your View

Car Buying Myths

Published on January 21st, 2022

The latest trend in buying cars involves online dealerships, but many people still shop from local car lots. Purchasing a vehicle can be stressful simply because of the myths and misconceptions revolving around the process.

Understanding the truth about buying a car makes the process more enjoyable and opens your eyes to the joys of enjoying a new cruiser.

Buying A Car Online Is A Recipe For Disaster

With rumors swirling that online car shopping is a security mishap waiting to happen, zeroing your focus on the numerous benefits can prove challenging.

From saved time to saved cash to an enhanced ability to precision search and compare models, there’s no reason to let misconceptions dissuade you from tapping into the future of car buying.

While a small percentage of online car dealerships demonstrate questionable practices, most offer a safe and enjoyable experience.

When you take precautions and shop from a reputable dealership, you won’t have any problems. To ensure your car online shopping experience goes off without a hitch, you’ll also want to take precautions when booking a car shipping company, should you choose to shop online from an out-of-state dealership.

Take the time to screen car shipping providers and ask a few questions to ensure they’ll deliver your car safely. Ask them about their license and registration, time-frame options, and rates.

You should also ask for references and whether they ship directly to your door. When you choose a car shipping service to Texas or another neighboring state, be sure they accept credit cards so you can pay a deposit and the rest upon delivery.

Be Ready To Walk Off The Lot

A myth about car buying is that you’ll win a better deal if you’re willing to leave the dealership. This tip is no longer the case, especially with people buying cars online.

The better way to negotiate a low price is to research online and show the salesperson lower competitor prices on the same vehicle.

No Time Is A Good Time To Buy A New Car

You can get a better deal on a car a few times during the year. One of these times is when the new model years arrive because dealers want to offload their old ones. You might also secure a better deal at the end of the month as dealers need to meet their sales quotas.

Buy When The Weather Is Bad

Car salespeople don’t care what the weather is, and car lots are often busier on lousy weather days because so many people think they’ll get a better deal. Unfortunately, this is a fair-weather myth that will clear up as soon as the weather does.

Your Cash Will Give You A Better Deal

Dealerships make money on financing. A dealership would rather sell you a car with a loan, and they’ll often give better deals because they receive kickbacks on the loans from the automaker and other lenders.

The myth of the cash deal comes from dealerships that use shady practices to keep sales off of their books. Big corporate dealerships follow the rules, which means cash won’t help you negotiate a better deal.

Keep Your Trade-in Vehicle A Secret

Be upfront with the sales staff and share the information about your trade-in immediately. The dealership group will be frustrated if they have to rework a deal because you kept the trade-in vehicle from them.

Zero-percent Financing Is A Myth

It’s real. When you get zero-percent financing on a vehicle, you don’t pay interest on the car. It’s a real incentive, and many buyers have benefitted from it.

Wrap up

Over the years, the car-buying experience has changed. You don’t have to rely on gimmicks and tricks to secure a good deal when you buy from a reputable dealership.

Simply communicate your needs and listen to your salesperson’s answers to slide behind the wheel of your vehicle buying experience.