How To Stay Calm When Communicating With Your Ex

How To Stay Calm When Communicating With Your Ex

June 11th, 2020   |   Updated on June 27th, 2022

It doesn’t matter at all what you want: to get back to the ex, to remain on good terms with them or to show that you have already forgotten to think about them, or all this together, the most crucial thing is to remain calm.

This may not be easy, but remember that no one will like a desperate evil person.

1. Being Calm Is Of Great Importance.

You can rarely see your ex, often, or sometimes, you should use this time to your advantage.

To look calm, you need to maintain and demonstrate a positive attitude for what is happening. They are in the company of their new passion, friends, or family members or alone – it does not matter.

If they still have feelings for you, and they see how joyful and positive you are, then they will either want to resume relations with you or at least they will think of you longer than usual. And this is exactly what you want!

2. Pretend Until You Get What You Want.

Show Her Your Moves When She Least Expects It

It will not be easy. For a number of reasons, your ex can ignore you and look completely happy without you.

This performance may be played specifically for you, but do not rush to rejoice. After all, you really do not want to start hoping for nonexistent feelings, as if newly born between you and the ex.

All salt is in order not to lose calm, to continue to maintain clarity of thoughts so that the next round remains with you.

3. Get A Person Who Will Constantly Remind You That You Are Special.

Get a thing to do, do new things, no matter global or small. It is very important for you to be busy because this is what will show others that your life is going on, and you are in control of it, and it doesn’t matter if that person is with you or not.

It does not matter who you are trying to impress, the ex or new candidate in their place, the main thing is to maintain a sense of dignity and self-worth.

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4. Learn That Positivity Is Crucial

Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

If you decide to do something new and interesting, then do not forget to do it joyfully and with a smile.

Even if you didn’t get everything you wanted, you need to remember to appreciate all that you already have.

This will give you greater freedom to control your actions, and even if you continue to communicate with the ex, your new, improved identity will glow with a positive and help you stay calm.

5. Eliminate Your Negative Emotions.

Another important point on the path to achieving inner peace is the ability to let go of your negative emotions.

When you are alone or in the company of a trusted friend – just speak out and release them. You can write them all in detail, but you must be absolutely honest with yourself.

If this method is not for you, then you can sweat in the gym or listen to music, on the one hand, corresponding to your emotional mood, but on the other, making it clear that this is not the end (although you may feel that way). Do not use drugs or alcohol.

They will help relieve mental pain only temporarily, and you need something positive that will help you improve your self-control and your emotional state in the long run. Just try to find something. You don’t lose anything, just by trying.

6. Try Your Best To Accept The Situation.

Long Distance Relationships

If such an outcome is inevitable, then it cannot be avoided. You cannot influence the course of events; everything will happen as it should.

But if there is a chance that you and the ex will still be together or you decide to remain on good terms, then refraining from trying to change something can be difficult.

Observe how they treat you, talk, and behave in your presence. If they periodically call you on the phone to find out how your business is, it’s great, but try not to show your excitement and delight in the conversation.

You should not talk about problems or about your joint past unless it is something pleasant for both of you.

If they decide to talk about this or that thing, that’s good in principle, just follow the thread of the conversation, but don’t let your emotions go out of control for a second and listen very carefully (especially if you are talking about some kind of problem that arose you in the past).

Do not beg them for anything, do not spare yourself, and do not lose self-control. Such an outcome can only push them away and make them regret that they ever met you.

Stay calm. Be gentle, friendly, and unobtrusively remind them that no matter what happens, you are always ready to start all over again.

But say this only if you are really ready for it; otherwise, failure will inevitably await you. Be honest with everyone.