Why Bitcoin Mining Consumes An Enormous Amount Of Electricity?

Why Bitcoin Mining Consumes An Enormous Amount Of Electricity

October 1st, 2021   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

Bitcoin mining is an exceedingly controversial and debatable subject at the instance, as bitcoin mining is consuming an exceeding extent of electricity at the instance.

Bitcoin singular transaction energy consumption is equivalent to the amount of energy consumed after watching YouTube videos for almost 100,000 hours.

Yes, you read it right, as every transaction in the bitcoin network is first verified by the miners and then are uploaded on the blockchain.

There were several statements from the robust parties regarding bitcoin mining and addressing the environmental toll led by bitcoin mining as the effect of bitcoin mining on the environment is adverse.

As per the bitcoin mining council, 56% of the global bitcoin mining chain is based on a sustainable form of energy at the instance, and if bitcoin mining plants expand on a similar route, tesla motors will continue to accept bitcoin as a payment method.

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Reasons Why Bitcoin Mining Consumes an Enormous Amount of Electricity!

Bitcoin mining is underlined as the most important aspect of the bitcoin complex as bitcoin mining is the only medium to avail new bitcoin units.

You might be familiar with the fact that bitcoin is not subjected to an infinite supply, and there are 21 million bitcoin units that can ever be produced.

Bitcoin mining does not only maintain the supply of bitcoin but also validates the transactions to enhance the security of the bitcoin network.

Bitcoin mining is operated commencing a computer source that runs on electricity, but why does a computer source consume an exceeding amount of electricity while mining a bitcoin? Here are some of the reasons.

Bitcoin Mining Rigs- Bitcoin mining is processed on computing systems; however, ordinary computers are not potential enough to process the progression as there is an exceeding extent of competition in bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin mining rigs are specialized hardware subjected to an extraordinary potential for mining, and all the more, these hardware’s are compatible with robust bitcoin algorithms. The electricity consumption of these bitcoin mining rigs is much more in contrast to standard computer hardware.

Proof Of Work- Proof of work is one of the major reasons why bitcoin mining consumes an exceeding extent of electricity; you might be wondering how. Proof of work is a basic mechanism on which the entire bitcoin mining algorithm is based.

Proof of work offers zero restriction to individuals who are willing to participate in mining progression. Even a kid can participate in the bitcoin mining progression as the only requirement of bitcoin mining as per the proof of work is a computer and a power source, and if you are equipped with these two sources, you can easily mine bitcoin units.

All the more proof of work correspondingly demonstrates bitcoin mining as a marathon as the participant who acknowledges the solution of the math equation at the very first place wins the marathon, and the effort of other participants, including the sources they have invested gets wasted for that particular instance and miners have to start the marathon again.

In a nutshell, due to the proof of work, there is a lot of competition in the bitcoin mining industry, all the more the energy of only one bitcoin miner for a transaction is worth investing resources as other miners have to retry again and again, which consumes an exceeding extent of power mostly electricity.


As established proof of work is the root cause of electricity consumed by the bitcoin mining complex. In order to solve this complication, the entire complex of proof of work needs to be replaced with a proof of stakes mechanism. Proof stakes have the basic concept of proof of work, but the dynamics are a bit different.

As in the proof of work, every miner has to invest resources, and only of them wins, however in proof of stakes, the tasks will be shared amongst miners as a set of miners will be hired to verify an explicit transaction.

The set of miners will be selected on the basis of the lottery-type system. However, the electricity can also be diminished if bitcoin mining plants shift to a sustainable form of energy.