8 Corporate Breakfast Ideas For Your Employee Meetings

Corporate Breakfast Ideas For Your Employee Meetings

September 4th, 2019   |   Updated on July 13th, 2022

Breakfast is the first meal of your day and the most essential one. You are breaking your fast after a night’s meal and eating for the first thing in the morning. Then, employees rushing to their workplace at 9 am may not get the time to have breakfast and then start from their homes.

Your morning meeting with your employees should go well and what better way than to start the day with some delectable corporate breakfast on the platter.

It is early in the morning and so everyone is alert and brings their fresh minds to work. There is no chance of interruption. Therefore, it makes sense to combine team meetings and delicious breakfast.

According to an article published in huffingtonpost, breakfast is the most important meal for people. If you do not have it, many unwanted issues will happen throughout the day like overeating, eating junk food, gaining weight, and poor focus on work, affecting employee performance.

Therefore, if you want to start your day in the right manner, eat a wholesome breakfast to fuel your energy and bond with your teammates.

No matter what agenda you have for the day, do not skip this important meal of the day. Here are eight corporate breakfast ideas for employee meetings in the morning:

1. Conventional Breakfast


When you take a close look at the menu of a professional corporate caterer, the services tend to direct an event planner to choose breakfast options that add value to his money.

You will find a standard or deluxe food option for the first meal of the day. The standard, traditional items on the platter include bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, stuffed omelet, tea/coffee, and fruit juice.

You can choose this traditional breakfast if you do not have budget constraints. It is a safe choice. Your employees will find the menu delectable and filling.

2. Continental Breakfast

Served usually in buffet style, the menu is easy on your wallet, and the caterer may offer two to three levels of choices. It leaves entrepreneurs spoiled for choices.

The items on the breakfast platter include assorted breads such as muffins, croissants, butter toasts, seasonal fruits, one or three juices like apple, tomato, orange, assorted cereals, dried fruits, black coffee, tea, and decaffeinated tea or coffee.

A continental breakfast is your best bet for team meetings, customer events, and training sessions, often including employees to people from the mid-level management group.

3. Plated Breakfast Options


It means a more formal style to your business breakfast or early morning corporate meetings. Professional caterers will offer various food options that let you choose from a traditional platter, signature local breakfast, or a fruit platter.

Usually, plated breakfast options are nothing but a presentation of traditional or continental breakfast. You can opt for this breakfast option to pull off a more intimate business setting that includes executives in a meeting.

4. Made-To-Order Breakfast Station

Make your corporate breakfast the talk of the day with a made-to-order breakfast station, which includes fresh food.

The popular inclusions are omelet station, pancake station, and waffle station. You can choose this breakfast catering option if you are looking for continental buffets and will cost you more than the other options.

The participants in the meeting can savor freshly made food served hot and delicious. You can pick this breakfast option when in a business meeting with the upper or mid-level management staff.

5. Breakfast A La Carte


You can opt for the a la cart breakfast if you want to splurge. It does make sense only if you have the budget. Yes, the option is expensive.

The pricing is based on the food quantity than per headcount. Some of the popular a la carte breakfast items include bottled mineral water, soft drinks, and bagels with a variety of cream cheese, iced tea, lemonade, and flavored coffee.

You can add a la cart items to your buffet, continental, or plated breakfast options. Then, watch the cost. It does not make sense to spend so much on a la carte if there is no need unless it is a very important business meeting involving clients.

6. Memorable Breakfast Options

Today, people are busy and always in a rush to reach their workplace. Therefore, they do not have the time to savor breakfast. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to make your office breakfast meetings memorable. The inclusion is an omelet station serving fresh, hot omelet, a variety of fruit yogurts served in classy glassware, and fresh granola bars prepared by an executive chef.

The other options are meat on the platter that includes turkey sausage, turkey bacon, and traditional pork sausages. If you want to make your business breakfast meetings enjoyable and memorable after a long time, then this is your best option.

7. Healthy Breakfast Platters

Strawberry Breakfast Bowl

With people becoming more health-conscious today, entrepreneurs seek caterers to provide healthy breakfast foods for their employees and management. The menu does not include any fried item.

Ask your caterer to create a custom breakfast menu including whole grain bread, granola cereals, and low-fat spreads. You can pick this breakfast option when health and wellness of your guests matter the most to you.

8. Breakfast For 100 Attendees

This breakfast option is for a large group in a corporate meeting, usually 100 attendees or so. The cost is about 20 percent more than a traditional breakfast buffet and includes a smoothie station.

It is a healthy breakfast choice and includes tomato, orange, apple or cranberry juice, hot oatmeal with skim milk, brown sugar, soymilk, roasted nuts, dried cherries, and half-and-half.

You’ll also be served grilled turkey, vegan sausage, fresh and scrambled eggbeaters, house-made granola, a variety of non-sugary cereals, low-fat fruit and bran muffins, assorted bagels, cream cheese, peanut butter, seven-grade bread for toasts, marmalade, range of energy drinks, vitamin waters, and decaffeinated coffee and tea.


Now that you have these healthy breakfast options for your business meetings, make an informed decision and choose an option that fits your requirements.