Should You Invest In CPR Training For Your Business?

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February 11th, 2021   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Maintaining safety in the workplace is a top priority for all business establishments. Some companies may spend millions of dollars on safety resources and precautions to guarantee the professional workspace is conducive to all workers’ safety, health, and well-being.

Unfortunately, there are various reasons why accidents may happen in the workplace. In some cases, workers may follow an incomplete set of instructions or neglect to ask for help when carrying out professional services.

In other cases, employees may face mental distractions or ignore safety regulations and procedures. Likewise, safety hazards may result from poor housekeeping and inadequately maintained workspaces.

It’s essential for large and small business owners to not only protect their employees and customers from heavy machinery, messy environmental conditions, and natural disasters but also unseen dangers like stress that could lead to a cardiac arrest or heart attack.

For this reason, business owners should consider training their employees in administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Listed below are reasons CPR training for your business can be beneficial for your employees and customers.

1. Certifying your employees with CPR training can save lives.

 Certifying your employees with CPR training can save lives.

Having your employees participate in a CPR course is one way to encourage them to adhere to safety standards.

Additionally, staff members in such training will be more aware of why living a healthy lifestyle is essential.

Workers equipped with the skills, knowledge, first aid training, and CPR certification to save a life may feel more responsible for their co-workers, customers, and the general public and feel more motivated to keep their workplaces safe.

An online course taught by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) trained instructors allows professionals to learn CPR at their own pace and receive certification after successful completion.

Employees who have CPR certification and an understanding of cardiovascular conditions like heart attacks, cardiac arrests, and strokes can confidently act in emergencies and save lives on the job.

2. CPR courses can save your business millions in insurance.

CPR courses can save your business millions in insurance.

For many employees, the risk of encountering safety hazards that cause workplace incidents depends on their professions, industry, and environmental conditions.

Professionals who operate machines and special equipment may be at high risk of colliding with machinery, ruining their clothes, or injuring themselves on the job.

Furthermore, people with professions that require them to work with chemicals can incur personal injury or illness if exposed to certain substances or if spills occur.

In addition to issues with equipment and machinery and falling objects, common workplace accidents experienced in almost all business industries include slips, trips, falls, and overexertion.

Potential causes or contributors to overexertion include muscle strains and back pains that result from continually lifting and moving heavy objects.

Such accidents can cause pain and injuries intense enough to send workers to hospitals and prevent them from returning to work.

Entrepreneurs of large and small businesses should protect their establishment with business insurance, considering that a customer or member of the public who sustains a bodily injury on your business property would have the right to consult an attorney for assistance filing a lawsuit against your business.

Sustaining an injury on your premises would make a person entitled to fair compensation for harm, lost wages, medical costs, legal fees, mental and emotional distress, and other consequences. Injured employees, specifically, would have the right to file workers’ compensation suits.

A suitable type of insurance such as professional liability insurance covers your business up to any insurance policy limits should any property damage or on-site injuries happen due to your negligence.

A workplace fatality could result in a lawsuit and financial compensation for the victim’s family. By investing in CPR courses and first aid courses, business owners can prevent workplace deaths and save insurance funds.

Business owners should select the insurance coverage that’s most suitable to their company’s needs and structure, as well as invest in high-quality, practical first aid and CPR training that can make workplaces safer for everyone.