Advantages Of Using Facial Recognition Technology In Employee Time Clock Solutions

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January 21st, 2021   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Employee time tracking is a necessity to get information about the healthy workflow and productivity insights.

It allows employers to know how and where employees are spending time and whether the time is well-spent.

An employee time tracking system with facial recognition makes the identification process accurate and fast.

What Is Facial Recognition Technology?

It refers to a system or software capable of identifying a person from an image or video feed. The system is so advanced that it can identify the person at a distance and even when the image or video feed is blurry.

The system can be used as an on-premise time tracking solution. Companies can also use the mobile version of the software to record employees’ attendance at remote locations.

This article discusses the benefits of using facial recognition technology in employee time clock solutions.

Automated Time Tracking

Automation makes employee time tracking easy. It removes the need to employ personnel to monitor the time tracking system all day. With automation, the possibility of human error is decimated.

An employee time tracking system with facial recognition technology would accurately report an absence, attendance, and overtime.

It makes the identification accurate and pretty fast. The identification process is completed at a blazing speed on the spot every time.

With facial recognition, the time tracking software can match hundreds of users in less than a minute. The system recognizes the employee and provides accurate information without raising a finger or touching a sensor.

Labor Costs Savings

Accurate time reporting is crucial at the workplace to ensure every worker gets paid accurately. The facial recognition technology can track employees accurately.

It can keep track of the hours an employee has been working. It can prevent frauds like “buddy punching” and help save money for the company.

Tight Security

Organizations need to ensure tight security on the premises. The facial recognition features in the employee time clock software can track employees that enter the workplace.

It also allows timekeepers to add visitors to the system and track their movements/whereabouts throughout the worksite.

The operator can deny access to any person whose details are not available in the system. If an incident occurs, facial recognition can provide you exact details and evidence of who was present in the affected area during the incident.

The system can also provide scanned images of people who have entered the area at a particular time.

Reduce Contagion

Every organization needs to take measures to make the workplace safe for everyone. People with illnesses like cold cough often enter the work, and there is always the risk of spreading germs by touching the surfaces like biometric fingerprint scanning.

The facial recognition feature reduces employees’ need to touch surfaces, and they can enter and exit the premises quickly.

It reduces the risk of spreading contagion. It also saves time and reduces the risk of spreading illnesses from physical contact.

It minimizes the spread of viruses, thereby preventing absenteeism. In indirect ways, the facial recognition feature keeps the employees healthy and helps improve productivity.

Easy Integration

Facial recognition features can be easily integrated into an employee time tracking system. In most scenarios, the facial program system can be programmed into the existing interface.

Easy to Manage

Managing an employee attendance system is often tricky. In most cases, the employee attendance system with facial recognition features is automated.

It is designed to record and keep track of employees’ day-to-day activities that are challenging to maintain manually.

Everything is automatic. The system clicks the employee’s photo entering or leaving the premises, compares it with the existing database, and validates entry and exit.

If the system finds unauthorized persons trying to access premises, it raises the alarm to draw security personnel’s attention.

The system is designed so that it snaps the photo of the person along with timings. It allows the supervisor to find exactly who entered the premises and at what timings.

It also records how many hours and minutes a particular employee has worked during shift. The system can perform all these tasks of maintaining records on a large scale.

Just imagine a crowd of 500 employees trying to enter the facility at one time. If you employ manual attendance and time tracking, you will have to employ more staff for the work, and it will also waste the time of employees as they would be required to wait in long queues at gates.

To sum up, these are some benefits offered by employee time tracking software with facial recognition features.

No doubt, it is an innovative addition to your business system. It is a carefree, simple software that helps in accurate employee attendance and timing records.