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3 Ways Food Production Skyrocketed Due To Vane Vacuum Pumps

Vane Vacuum Pumps

July 15th, 2019   |   Updated on December 29th, 2023

A rotary vane vacuum pump is an oil-based tool with a large pumping seed, small volume, and produces low noise while working.

Oil is a vital component in this vacuum pump since it is used for sealing, lubricating, and cooling.

Vane vacuum pump works on the principle of vacuum cooling, where it absorbs moisture when vaporizing water.

This technology allows people to perform processes that cannot be done under average temperatures.

Food industry has several applications that rely on vane vacuum pumps. It uses the vacuum to transport, process, fill and pack foodstuffs.

Additionally, the food industry also applies this technology in its cleaning operations and creating hygienic conditions.

Such methods have led to increased food production since it’s quick and easy to process, store, and transport food. Here are three ways food production skyrocketed due to vane vacuum pumps.

Vane Vacuum Pumps

1. Vacuum Cooling

rotary vane vacuum pumps

Perishable foods such as fruits and vegetables need to be kept breathing after harvesting to prevent them from aging. As such, you have to control their breathing.

Temperature is the closest related factor to breathing since respiration releases both energy and temperature.

If you lower the temperature, you can control breathing and delay the aging process.

As such, you have to pre-cool most fruits and vegetables after harvesting to remove the heat.

Natural cooling methods cover an ample space and take a long time making them unsuitable for industrial production. Vane vacuum pumps enable rapid and even pre-cooling.

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2. Packaging

Oxygen affects the quality and life of food. Vane vacuum pump helps in keeping packed food fresh for long without losing its quality.

The technology uses Modified Atmosphere Packaging to maintain the appearance, flavor, and freshness of food products.

During the cooling process, bacteria found in the air will stick to the food.

If you pack food in such conditions, you will promote “secondary pollution.” As a result, you need to reduce the reproduction of bacteria to extend the shelf life and ensure product safety.

Additionally, foodstuffs need a deep vacuum to remove air from the packaging.

Fortunately, vacuum technology is an advanced technology that has provided the food industry with rapid cooling.

Vane vacuum pumps also have a moderate deep vacuum for food products.

3. Water And Liquid Foodstuffs

dry rotary vane vacuum pumps

Carbonated drinks are prepared in a beverage mixer. The mixer uses two processes: deaeration of water and carbonation of the beverage.

The deaeration process takes place under 50 mbar vacuum to release and suck out dissolved air and oxygen.

The less oxygen in the drink, the better the quality.

Additionally, the carbonation process afterward requires the beverage to have the lowest amount of oxygen as possible.

Keep in mind that a vane vacuum pump is the appropriate vacuum source for the deaeration of water.

When it comes to food, you have to use the right equipment to avoid contamination.

If your food and beverage company is looking to purchase vacuum pumps, you need to take ample time to consider different vane pump options.