The Ultimate Gay Dating Advice Guide For Men

Sexual Preference

March 25th, 2019   |   Updated on October 25th, 2023

Dating can be terrifying no matter what your sexual orientation is. If you’re a queer man who’s new to the same-sex dating scene, though, it can be intimidating for so many reasons.

How are you supposed to approach the situation? Are there things you are or aren’t meant to say? What on earth are you supposed to wear?

With a little help, this doesn’t have to be so nervewracking. Read on for our ultimate gay dating advice guide.

1. Be Honest About What You Want

Sexual Preference: Unlock the secrets of successful gay dating with our 'Gay Dating Advice Guide for Men.'

This first one is the most important one. No matter what you’re looking for, be honest about what you want.

If you just want to hook up with someone for a little while, say so. Likewise, if you want to find a serious partner, you should be open about that, too.

It can be terrifying to put yourself out there, but you’re not doing yourself any favors if you hide what it is you really want. If you keep hooking up with people, but you really want a relationship, you’re going to be the one who gets hurt.

2. Don’t Feel Like You Have To Fit Stereotypes

Labels, categories, and preferences run rampant in the community, especially on gay dating apps. There’s a lot of pressure to feel as though you have to fit the stereotypes associated with the label people give to you.
You don’t have to change anything about yourself. Just be you.

Besides, it’ll be obvious if you’re trying to be someone that you’re not. That will make the date more awkward for both of you, especially since you’ll spend more time worrying about how you’re perceived instead of getting to know the other person.

The right person will be drawn to you because of who you are, not because of the image you’re trying to fit.

3. Wear What Makes You Feel Comfortable

Along with stereotypes come clothing expectations. Should you go with a more masculine outfit? Are jeans frowned upon?

There’s no way to predict what a potential date is going to like or not when it comes to clothes — and it doesn’t matter anyway. Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable, whether it’s underwear for men or a more feminine blouse.

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When you’re confident, it will show.

4. Be Positive

If you’ve ever ventured into the world of online dating, you know what a negative space it can be. People have a long list of dos-and-don’ts for their potential partners, will ghost you without hesitation, or even block you immediately if you say something wrong.

Don’t contribute to all that negative energy. Instead, try to bring a positive outlook to the whole experience. Just describe yourself and who you are, not who your partner shouldn’t be.

Once you’re on the date itself, keeping that positive energy up will help you relax and enjoy the experience instead of being too nervous.

5. Put Our Gay Dating Advice Guide To The Test

Gay Dating Advice Guide For Men

Being new to the queer dating scene is understandably scary. With this gay dating advice, though, you can have more confidence as you step onto the scene.

Now, get out there and find your perfect match!