Is A Graphic Design Degree Worth It Or Worthless?

Graphic Design Degree

November 25th, 2021   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

A career in Graphic Design can be an excellent option for creative thinkers and individuals who appreciate art, innovation, and communication across the creative sector.

The presence of design is seen in almost every industry, which has made graphic designing popular than ever.

One of the factors is digitalisation, which has increased the demand for skilled and qualified graphic designing professionals.

If you are a prospected candidate who aspires to enter the creative field can opt for various academic programmes in graphic design that can enhance your skill and competency to use the latest technologies.

Well-designed graphic design courses will give you the pathway to enter the highly complex and challenging graphic design industry with ease and confidence.

A well-structured graphic design course from a leading German university is worth investing your valuable time and effort in.

The academic course can maximise your chances of getting a design job, along with increasing your earning potential.

An individual with advanced qualifications can develop their skill and potential to land a job in large and reputable companies.

The average salary of a graphic designer is around $48,000. However, if you develop your skillset and get employed with renowned companies like Apple, you can expect a median salary of $96,000.

If you are looking for a graphic design course, opt for a three-year BA(Hons) in Graphic Design from a leading academic institution in Berlin, which is famous for its high-quality education.

Some of the best academic institutions are based in Berlin. Hence, it is among the most sought-after study destination for international students.

Pursuing a graduate programme in the middle of Berlin can provide you with constant inspiration.

In a friendly and motivating learning environment, our team of expert and experienced faculty will encourage you to unfold your talents as a graphic designer.

The course can prepare you to hop on the trendy and international creative career that offers you a high-end salary.

After completing the bachelor’s programme in graphic design, you can demonstrate your skills and competencies in advertising and design consultancy, motion graphics, interior design, brand design, etc. Here are the job positions available for a graduate in graphic design:

  • Editorial Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Video Director
  • Web and App Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Branding/Corporate Designer
  • Visualiser/Visual Creative

Thus, becoming a graduate in graphic design can offer you a plethora of job opportunities, the demand of which does not seem to fall in the coming years.

When you pursue a course, your faculties can help you create an excellent portfolio that can demonstrate your skills and expertise. During the programme, you can also build a professional network that can help your career in the long run.

The aspiring students are instructed in various ways, including workshops, lectures, animated/non-animated videos, seminars, practical works, and trips.

Thus, it would be wise to enroll in a graphic design course that can help you develop your potential and polish skills according to the latest industry trends.

While choosing a career path, you must spare enough time to access your capabilities and focus on the education that best matches your career goals. Hence, selecting a course focusing on traditional and newer technology that aligns with the latest industry trends can be wise for a bright career. Sign in now to know more about the valuable graphic design course!