A Complete Guide On Full-Stack Developer

Full-stack Developer

May 23rd, 2022   |   Updated on June 16th, 2022

When any application / Web service is being developed then it requires both the work of Front and Back end. Front end is responsible for the visuals (How the Application / Web service will look) and Back is responsible for the logic on which Web service will run. Full-Stack developer is a type of programmer who has both the knowledge of creating front as well as Back end.

Scope Of A Full-Stack Developer:

Full stack developer is one of the growing professions. In the past year the demand for the full stack developer has been raised by 30%. Due to their diverse knowledge a full stack developer is highly competent and preferred more over Front-end or Back-end Developer.

Salary Of A Full Stack Developer In India:

The salary of the full stack developer depends upon where he/she is located. Another factor on which the salary of the full stack developer is Work Experience. The Higher the Work experience Higher will be the salary. Here is the estimated salary for the Junior, Mid and Senior full stack developer in USA:

Full stack developerFull stack developerFull stack developer

Education To Become A Full-stack Developer

Full stack developers are intelligent people who have a deeper knowledge in both the Back end as well as front end. As these are Highly demandable jobs therefore recruiters don’t recruit every one. For being recruited you must have a degree in Computer Science, software programming or some other related field. Many Full stack developers pursue Masters degrees and have a higher chance of getting hired at a good salary package.

Skills You Need To Become A Full Stack Developer

  • A full stack developer must have the knowledge of front-end development languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.
  • A full stack developer must need to know the server-side scripting languages such as Python, Php, ruby.
  • Version Control System (VCS) like git, GitHub. VCS helps full stack developers to keep the data of all the changes made in the code.
  • Knowledge of DBMS technology like MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer is also necessary for a full stack developer.
  • Graphics Design and visual Communication skill.

How To Get A Full-stack Developer Job

For being a full-stack developer, you must need the above skill sets. However, if you have the skill set and your college doesn’t have placement opportunities then you should follow these steps to get a job a Full-stack developer:

  1. Always learn new skills which can help you to gain exposure.
  2. Try to test your knowledge by giving an online full-stack developer coding test.
  3. Try to find an online internship which can help you to get a job.
  4. Connect with a Full-stack developer which can help you to get a referral.

List Of Languages For Full-stack Developer

In Front End

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • W3.CSS
  • JavaScript
  • ES5
  • JSON
  • XML
  • jQuery
  • Angular
  • React
  • Backbone.js
  • Ember.js
  • Redux
  • Storybook
  • Graph QL
  • Meteor.js
  • Grunt
  • Gulp

In Back End

  • PHP
  • ASP
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • Python
  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • Ruby
  • REST
  • Go
  • SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Sass
  • Less
  • PaaS (Azure and Heroku)


The Advantage Of Being A Full Stack Web Developer Is:

  • You can master all the techniques involved in a development project.
  • You can make a prototype very rapidly.
  • You can provide help to all the team members.
  • You can reduce the cost of the project.
  • You can reduce the time used for team communication.
  • You can switch between front and back-end development based on requirements.
  • You can better understand all aspects of new and upcoming technologies.


  • The solution chosen can be wrong for the project.
  • The solution chosen can be dependent on developer skills.
  • The solution can generate a key person risk.
  • Being a full stack developer is increasingly complex.

What Is Java Full Stack Developer?

A Java Full Stack Developer is a designer who has skill and profound information on structures and tools utilized in Java full stack advancement like Core Java, servlets, APIs, data set, web engineering, and so forth. A Full Stack Java designer can assemble entire Java applications including front end, back-end, information base, APIs, server and form control. You can Test your Java Knowledge by giving an online Java Test.

What Is A Software Stack? Which Stack Should I Learn?

Programming stack is an assortment of the projects which are utilized together to create a particular outcome. It incorporates a working framework and its application. For instance, a cell phone programming stack incorporates OS alongside the telephone application, internet browsers, and default applications.

Regardless of the stack you pick, you will observe likenesses in the engineering and configuration pattern across various stacks.

Stack Used For Full-stack Development:

1. LAMP Stack

LAMP is a widely used model for web service stacks. Its name “LAMP” is an acronym of four open-source components.

  • L= Linux: An open-source operating system
  • A= Apache: Widely used web server software
  • M= MySQL: Popular open-source database
  • P=PHP: Server-side open-source scripting language

These above-discussed components, supporting one another. Many popular websites and web applications run on LAMP stack, Example: Facebook.

2. MERN Stack

MERN is a collection of JavaScript-based technologies:

M=MongoDB: Popular NoSQL database
E=Express: Light and portable web program framework
R=React: A JavaScript library for building user interfaces
N=Node.js: A server-side JavaScript run time
This stack is currently in huge demand as it is widely used to develop web applications.

3. MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack Application Development is witnessing a growing trend in usage. MEAN is an abbreviation of:

M = MongoDB: NoSQL Database
E = Express: Easy to use light and portable web program framework
A = Angular.js: Robust framework for developing HTML5 and JavaScript- web programs
N = a server-side JavaScript run time


Full-stack Developer is one of the high paying jobs. You can grab a job even if you are in a Tier-3 College. Practicing Online Java Test and Full-stack developer test will surely help you to get a job in this Full stack developer firm.