Attractions At Highpoint For Families And Children

Attractions At Highpoint

July 27th, 2021   |   Updated on June 27th, 2022

Are you looking for attractions at Highpoint? You won’t get disappointed. Highpoint is a large mall and there are a lot of things you can see, do, and yes eat inside the mall.

It’s a favorite destination among locals and tourists alike. Even Australians who are not from Melbourne drive miles just to go to this mall.

It’s almost impossible to get bored at Highpoint. It has tons of shops, activity and entertainment centers, and even a multiplex cinema.

And even if you don’t have money or are not planning to spend, you can still have a good time there by just watching people or enjoying the view. Since Melbourne is a multicultural city, you can see different kinds of people at Highpoint.

Pop Up Park

There are also many attractions at Highpoint for families and children. This is why during weekends and holidays, the mall is filled with little ones running around and shouting and playing.

So if you have kids, then taking them at Highpoint is a good way to pass the time. For sure they will never get bored.

The mall even has a Pop Up Park where you can take your kids. It’s located at the Hoyts entrance of the mall.

There, you can play table tennis with your kids or you can just hang out at the children’s cubbies. It’s also a good place for your kids to meet other kids.

The Sticks Playground

Another attraction at Highpoint that children will surely enjoy is the outdoor playground called The Sticks. It’s located at the second level of the mall near the David Jones car park.

It’s actually a renovated space and now it’s a large play area for children. It has everything you would expect from a modern children’s playground. It has stairways, a web of ropes, tunnes, climbing rails, fireman poles, lookouts, etc.

There are some challenging parts but everything is safe for kids. Children can easily spend half-a-day in this playground. It’s ideal for both small and older children.

And while the little ones are playing, the parents can grab a coffee and sit on the benches and watch their kids. And it’s important that you watch your children because the playground is located near a busy car park.

The Sticks Playground

Target Mall

Another interesting attraction for the family is the digital forest that is located inside Target Mall on Level 3. There you can see birds, butterflies, and many other animals.

Target of course is a favorite shopping destination for both the young and old. It’s a place where you can find quality yet affordable apparel, homewares, and personal items. It’s a good place to shop for new clothes for you and your kids.

Making It Easy For Parents

Highpoint makes it easy for parents to shop with their children. The mall even has parent’s rooms that are fully equipped with nappy dispensers, microwave ovens, private feeding areas, and play areas for kids.

You can consider the parent’s room as another attraction at Highpoint. You would wish that all malls had them.