How To Use Coupons To Save Money

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July 13th, 2021   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Use coupons right and you can save yourself up to as much as 40 percent off on your grocery shopping, and sometimes it can be even more than this.

Although the principle behind them still remains the same, you no longer need to get a newspaper and cut them all out of it – couponing can now be done much easier.

For the best advice on how to use coupons in the 21st century, we have enlisted the help of the pros, who have put together this handy list on how to save yourself money by using coupons.

Locate A Coupon Database

Nowadays you can find coupons pretty much everywhere – from your mailbox, through to dedicated coupon books. However, the best source of coupons is through a database website that brings all of the available coupons into one central location. This makes finding those really good deals much easier. The best way of finding these coupon databases is by doing a simple Google search for one.  Luckily you can directly type to save you the time looking for the best coupon sites.


Read The Terms And Conditions (T&Cs)

All coupons, including a Lowe’s coupon contain terms and conditions on them in the finer print. It is important to look through these in order to establish what the requirements are for redeeming the coupon. For instance, there may be limitations on the colour, flavour, style, or size of a product that the coupon is for. There may also be a limit on how many products you can purchase using a single coupon so it is good to know all of these things before getting to the store.

Understand The Coupon Policy Of The Store

Different stores have different coupon policies in place and so it is important to be well aware of what these are prior to attempting to use a coupon there. You can find out by going in the store and asking a member of staff or you can view them online on their website. One of the things that you need to find out is if they will double your coupon (round up 50 cents off, to 1 dollar off) and if you need to join their loyalty program in order to be able to use coupons with them.

Put Together A Shopping List

By having a shopping list in place, it makes the process of couponing that much easier. This way you know exactly what products you want to buy at the store and so can hunt out coupons that match the items that are on your list. There are lots of different shopping apps that you can use for this very purpose.

Do Not Use Coupons For The Sake Of It

Even if you have a coupon for a really good deal, you should not use it if you were not already going to buy that item anyway. For instance, a 90% off coupon for diapers might be a good deal, but you should not buy the products if you do not have a baby. The more that you do this, the less that you benefit from couponing.