How To Make A Trigonometric Table?

Trigonometric Table

March 17th, 2022   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

A table that helps to find the values of trigonometric ratios is known as the trigonometric table. The trigonometric table consists of the trigonometric ratios. Namely, sine, cosine, secant, cosecant, tangent, and cot.

They are derived from the measure of an acute angle. These values are very important to find and calculate some serious trigonometry problems.

Trigonometry is one of the most significant branches of mathematics which deals with various types of ratios and functions. It has been derived from the words of Latin which means the measure of the triangle. If we segregate the word trigonometry into two words, we will get, trigonon and metron.

The word trigonon stands for a triangle, and metron stands for the measure. In a nutshell, trigonometry is the measure of a triangle. There are various types of angles found in trigonometry. Some standard angles are 0 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, and 90 degrees.

Trigonometric Ratios

The ratios of the length of the sides of a given triangle can be defined as trigonometric ratios. In total there are six trigonometric ratios, they are, sine, tangent, cosine, cosecant, cot, and secant.

These ratios can be used to determine the ratios of any two sides concerning the total of three sides. The value of the trigonometric ratios is calculated by the measure of an acute angle.

Any angle which measures less than 90 degrees and more than 0 degrees can be defined as the acute angle.

For example, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and so on. Some of the trigonometric ratios are defined as the ratio of perpendicular to the hypotenuse or the ratio of the hypotenuse to the base.

The side opposite to the right angle of the triangle is defined as the hypotenuse. Perpendicular can be defined as the angle at 90 degrees and the base is the side where the perpendicular or right angle stands.

Applications Of Trigonometry

Trigonometry is one of the branches of mathematics which occupies most of the standard math. Throughout history, this branch of mathematics i.e. trigonometry has played a significant and vital role in various fields. Some of these fields are architecture, surveying, celestial mechanics, and many more. The following points are the applications of trigonometry:

  1. The trigonometric ratios are used to find the length and breadth of lengthy rivers and gigantic mountains.
  2. Spherical trigonometry is one of the parts of trigonometry which is used to find the lunar, stellar, and solar locations.
  3. There are a variety of video games where trigonometry is widely used.
  4. Criminology is one of the fields where trigonometry is used to find the dimensions and various other important things in criminal activity.
  5. Some fields where trigonometry is used are as follows: oceanology, physics, flight engineering, marine engineering, navigation, and so on.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the trigonometric table?
    Ans: A table that is used to find the values of the trigonometric ratios can be defined as the trigonometric table.
  2. What are trigonometric ratios and name all these ratios?
    Ans: The length of the sides of a particular triangle is known as trigonometric ratios. There are 6 such ratios. They are sine, tangent, cosine, cosecant, cot, and secant.
  3. Mention one salient feature of trigonometric functions?
    Ans: All the trigonometric functions are written periodically or they all are periodic.
  4. The word trigonometry has been derived from which language?
    Ans: It has been derived from the Latin words.

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