Most Popular Words And Phrases For Amazing Graduate School Admissions Essays

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September 24th, 2021   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

As soon as the admissions season comes, students get obsessed with composing their admission essays. The primary aim of this essay is to impress the committee, to reveal the unique shades of your personality, and to show how you can contribute to your educational establishment’s prosperity.

In this type of writing, every word counts, and the success of your application depends on the essay’s quality to a large degree (though not entirely). The worst is that you have around 500-600 words for this, so the task is next to impossible.

No panic! write essay for money service experts have figured out a magic formula for an impeccable admission essay. Here they share the popular words, phrases, and tips for making your essay unique and impressive.

Choose the Proper Tone

All students try to sound competent and professional in their essays, which is a great blunder. They forget the key task of this writing piece–showing the committee who you are and what’s unique about your personality.

Thus, the best tip for choosing tone and language in an admission essay is to write as you speak. It’s definitely not a go-ahead for using slang or contractions in the essay’s text. It’s more about the clarity and readability of your product.

So, instead of saying, “I have engaged in a plethora of extracurricular activities in order to develop all dimensions of my personality,” you can go for a much simpler variant, “I tried many sports activities, art, and a theatrical group for two months to find my calling.”

Besides, the college committees hate cliches. They’ve seen so many of them that every new beaten phrase causes them to turn away from the candidate, feeling that they have nothing unique to offer. So, don’t bury your application with phrases like:

  • The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
  • Every cloud has a silver lining
  • Time heals all wounds
  • You only live once
  • You can’t judge a book by its cover

And so on. There are tons of variants to deliver your message in other words, and your effort will surely be appreciated if you go the extra mile to find alternatives.

Mind the Word Count

Always be sure to stick to the word count assigned by your academic institution. If the instructions say that the essay shouldn’t exceed 550 words, then the upper limit is 550+10%, which is around 600 words.

The word limit is not an empty phrase; the commission indeed screens the papers’ length and weeds out the works that violate the standard. So, why lose the essential admission opportunity because of an inability to count words?

Avoid Too Sophisticated Language

Using outdated, bookish vocabulary is the admission essay writer’s worst sin. Still, thousands of students worldwide resort to this practice year by year to sound more competent than they really are.

As a result, they lose essential grade points and risk not getting a school spot because the committee members hate such words and phrases.

So, if you’re preparing to admission essay writing, please forget such words as:

  • Plethora
  • Utilize
  • Nevertheless
  • Crapulous
  • Apricity
  • Excogitate
  • With the exception of
  • In my personal opinion
  • During the course of
  • As to whether

Another side of the problem is that students perceive the need to speak simply as a direct instruction to use slang and colloquial contractions. This is also an error, and a grade reduction will also be made if the committee member sees such words as:

  • Thing
  • Stuff
  • Ain’t
  • Won’t
  • Really
  • Actually

Speak from Your Heart

Apart from choosing the tone, you need to focus on some individual experience or belief that makes you unique and sets you apart from other applicants.

It’s unnecessary to look for some common cliché and try to sound like someone sure to be liked. Instead, it would be best to show your true identity, revealing a unique trait or belief that only you hold.

Don’t be afraid of misunderstanding; it’s you who’s behind those words, so why lie to the committee?

Be Descriptive

The most dreaded word among all committee members is “very.” It seems that students forget all alternatives and squeeze “very” in every possible situation, while in fact, they can impress the committee officers with a much more diverse vocabulary.

So, if you really want to get that school spot, be sure to use “deafening” instead of “very noisy,” “wealthy” instead of “very rich,” and “basic” instead of “very simple.” Look for more adjectives in the dictionary to enrich your language and sound vivid and lively in your essay.