State To State Relocation: Moving Yourself VS. Hiring Movers

State Relocation

December 19th, 2019   |   Updated on August 31st, 2022

Moving to another state is a significant turn in your life story and sometimes it is impossible to cope with this challenge yourself.

It is not a secret that relocation is a complex process and you require help to cope with it successfully.

Whether it is the help of your close people, relatives, and friends or you turn to professionals for assistance, each of these decisions has its pros and cons.

It is enough to analyze all the benefits and drawbacks of moving alone or hiring interstate movers to understand what decision to make in your personal situation.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Moving Yourself

It is not a secret that there are many successful examples of people who managed to organize their own or family relocation for a long distance without hiring movers.

However, not everyone realizes what amount of work they have completed to achieve this goal and if there are no things they regret.

The reason for that is the fact that moving yourself without experience and special knowledge can result in certain losses and other negative consequences, but at the same time, you get some benefits too.

Let’s consider why moving yourself is torture and why people decide to undergo it.

1. Reasons To Move Yourself

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There are several reasons to prefer moving on your own:

1. Full Control Of The Process

One of the main advantages of moving yourself for some people can be a desire to control every step of the moving process.

It means that you can choose the size of the truck and time for its arrival, pack things as you like and have more flexibility when it comes to cargo arrangement, loading, unpacking, etc.

There are people who have their own vision of preparing for a move and they are not ready to accept any other solutions.

2. Less Expense

A limited budget has always been one of the main reasons why people refuse from the services of moving companies and decide to deal with everything themselves.

Naturally, they need to hire a truck (if they do not have a close acquaintance to ask for) but it is possible to save on packing, loading, and other additional services applicable.

There are many opportunities to get free or cheap moving supplies and ask for help to complete everything without professional help.

3. No Frames

When you hire movers and pay them an hourly rate or just see strangers in your home who take your things, it can be stressful. There is always a desire to complete the process faster.

Moving yourself, your packing and loading speed can be changed depending on your preferences. You can start packing in advance and be confident that there isn’t anyone to control you.

Moreover, you do not feel obliged to take care of people who help you or think that your belongings are packed differently from what you have expected.

2. Why Moving Yourself Is Not The Best Solution

Why Moving Yourself Is Not The Best Solution

Unfortunately, when you decide to plan your relocation yourself, it is necessary to face a number of challenges including:

1. Heavy Loading

Is there sense to sacrifice your health carrying and loading all those heavy boxes and items? This experience will make you feel all the difficulties faced by strong men working as movers.

Moreover, it will be twice more exhausting because of the lack of professional tools and supplies.

If you leave or move to an apartment where there are several floors and no elevator, you will regret not hiring movers, of course, let alone the situations when you drop or hit anything accidentally and will need to restore it for your own money.

2. Making Up A Moving Plan

If you think that relocation planning is only hiring a truck, you are mistaken. It is a very complex process that requires exact time scheduling and a number of stages to be completed for the whole process to be successful.

Logistics, packing, labeling, an arrangement in the truck, supplies needed, helpers, loading are only some of them!

3. Unpredictable Situations

Professionals analyze every stage of the moving process to the smallest details. Moreover, they insure moving so that any unexpected situations could be easily solved.

When you do that yourself, a broken truck, lack of packing materials, or lost items are only your own problem and nobody will solve it except for you.

3. Reasons To Hire Movers

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According to Eagle State To State Movers, 90 % of all relocations are performed by moving companies and there are apparent reasons for that.

1. Everything Is Done Instead Of You

The only responsibilities of the person who moves and orders services of a moving company are to make up a checklist or welcome a company representative to do that and to pay for these services.

You can be confident that most of the challenges you could face yourself are no longer your problem. It means that you get more free time and fewer problems.

2. Efficiency

With movers, relocation is a coordinated and well-organized process so it takes less time and your rights are protected by the contract signed. It means that any issues are not your fault and you will get compensation for that.

3. No Stress

When everything is done for you, there is no sense to feel worried about anything. You have your contract and you can simply follow the process. If you have any remarks, you can tell Los Angeles movers to a coordinator and all your wishes will be considered.

4. Why One Can Refuse Moving Services?

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Naturally, no matter how great it is to order moving services, there are certain things that can discourage you from this decision:

1. Cost

It is probably the main reason why people decide to move themselves. Interstate relocation can hardly be called a cheap one, so not everyone has a couple of thousand dollars to pay for moving services. It is enough to remember last-minute moves when you have no opportunity to save and have to take debts to complete them.

2. No Flexibility

In this case, you can’t interfere with the process to the extent you could wish to do that. If you booked a date and time, it can be difficult to change them because the best time is taken in advance.

Moreover, you can hire movers who combine several orders in one truck and you have to admit waiting for your possessions for a longer period of time since they will travel to other destinations too.

3. Trying Luck

When you hire movers, you do not know exactly how they work, how they treat your belongings and look like.

The only information you might have is reviews read on the web or testimonials of your friends who have used their services.

Naturally, it is also important to check the company’s license and insurance before you sign a contract, or you may suffer from scammers.

It goes without saying that either moving yourself or ordering moving services has its pros and cons, so it is important to consider every situation individually and only then decide what type of interstate relocation to choose.