NCERT Books: Importance And Benefits Of Biology Class 11 Book


January 6th, 2022   |   Updated on August 5th, 2022

Board exams conducted by CBSE play a very significant role in a student’s life. Being a biology student in class 11 means that his first aim in life is to be a doctor.

And then there comes the most important exam, NEET! At that point, a very genuine dilemma arises among the aspirants as to how to score good marks.

Well, the first thing that plays the most important role when talking about a challenge like NEET or even board exam is to choose the right study material.

Often, many students tend to search through thousands of materials and finally end up choosing the wrong one. It costs them valuable time and even marks too.

So, there comes the life savior of these students – NCERT books! Students, as well as guardians, need to understand the importance of these books and when it comes to such important exams, NCERT should always be their first preference. These books are the most ideal approach to clear our fundamental concepts.

All the topics included in NCERT books and the information provided is designed and monitored by a group of expert and experienced people who ensure the quality and authenticity of the content.

The topics for all the subjects are explained in a way that is easily understood, and any student can absorb the concepts perfectly.

It builds the base of a student and helps to strengthen their fundamental knowledge so that they can gain in-depth knowledge in the near future without any doubts.

Talking about NCERT class 11 biology books, it is the best book recommended so far as it provides point to point information to build strong fundamental knowledge.

The language of this book is very easy. It explains all complex topics in a very simple way and hence, it helps the students to understand concepts in a very less amount of time.

Moreover, before any examination, revision is a must. NCERT biology book provides the best, authentic and point to point information with its simple language and crystal clear concept to make revision easier and non-time consumable.

For any competitive exam, this book acts as end moment revision material to easily score good marks or enough marks to crack it. We have provided NCERT Books for Class 11 Biology in Hindi Medium for assisting the Hindi medium students.

Some Importance And Benefits Of The Ncert Biology Book Are Listed Below

  • It is very simple to follow and understand. Students usually find this book easier and more compatible when compared with books from different distributions.
  • NCERT biology book follows the curriculum of CBSE strictly which makes it simpler for CBSE students to learn the basic concepts.
  • NCERT biology book gives an in-depth knowledge of complex topics. The book is designed in such a way that it covers all the concepts along with its clarity irrespective of the student’s intelligence calibre.
  • Most of the questions in the CBSE board exam are picked from the NCERT book directly. The questions provided at the end of the chapters are mostly twisted and they are often asked in board exams.
  • If a student has gone through the NCERT biology book thoroughly, he can answer any question provided in the exam no matter how difficult the answer is. NCERT book provides deep knowledge which brings clarity of concepts. This in turn becomes useful while answering the most difficult questions.
  • The most ideal way of studying to score fair marks is to give first preference to the NCERT book which is effective in clearing doubts and concepts.
  • NCERT biology book is a stand-alone book sufficient to score good marks in exams. Being thorough with the NCERT book is far better than going through hundreds of different books and materials.
  • CBSE itself prescribes NCERT as this book is written, and published in a very understandable language that helps the student to clear their concepts and prepare well for the exams.
  • Because of the simple language of NCERT books, students can learn all concepts in a very less amount of time as compared with books from other publications.
  • NEET aspirants who are planning to do the preparation while in 11th standard should always choose NCERT biology books as the first option. Being thorough with it will confirm a good score in the exam.
  • The book consists of exercises at the end of every chapter which includes easy to moderate and also high-level questions which benefits the students a lot while preparing.
  • Revision is always the key factor while preparing for biology. The biological terms and theories are very important and hard to remember. Therefore, it is necessary to revise each theory whenever we get time.
  • Diagrams provided in NCERT books are never to be underestimated. These are important both for board exams and NEET.
  • Every year there is one 10 mark question in the board exam that demands an explanation with a detailed diagram. Also, there are sometimes 4 marks and 3 marks questions included too. Therefore, it is very important to practice diagrams.
  • Each chapter gives a generous amount of exercise questions to practice. Short note questions are also provided to ensure a clear understanding of the students.
  • Each chapter provides a summary of the whole chapter at the end of each chapter which acts as a quick revision about the details provided in the particular chapter.
  • Flowcharts are also provided in the book for explaining a few concepts for better learning.
  • Supplementary material provided at the last part of the book covers all the important areas from each chapter. These are the extra information provided which helps in answering high order thinking questions.

The importance and benefits of the NCERT biology book can be well understood from the above-mentioned facts. It will surely clear all the concepts and make the students well-prepared for any exam.

With increasing competition, it is necessary for the students to put in some hard work and keep themselves well updated with the book so that every answer is just at the tip of their pen.