Coping With Stress In A New York City Office

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Published on September 23rd, 2019

A recent survey shows that their jobs stress 83% of U.S. professionals. The primary reasons are overwork, low pay, declining work-life balance, worries about job security, lack of professional growth, unclear expectations from supervisors, and being underemployed.

Stress leads to more time and money being spent on healthcare.

Job performance and satisfaction are also affected by the physical workplace environment. If there is poor lighting, noise, and bad indoor air quality, this can affect employees’ job performance.

Stressful Cities In New York

Surveys identified Long Beach, New York, Peekskill, Freeport, and Hempstead as the top five of the most stressful cities of New York.

Despite this stress survey, these cities are still attractive choices for the best office space NYC

New York has the majority of the big, successful companies. Therefore, it’s not surprising if more companies are planning to relocate.

Moving to a new office can be an additional source of stress for employees. The relocation adds to their workload since they are expected to pack in time before the deadline.

However, with planning, precise coordination, and renting the best office space for your business and employees, this situation can be less stressful.

Here are some useful tips:

1. Form A Move Committee


A move committee will help coordinate the move. Let employees know who are the members of this committee that they can ask questions for, seek clarifications, and raise concerns about their individual needs.

2. Encourage Volunteers, So That Everyone Feels Involved In The Transition

Inform everyone about the schedule. Employees need to fit their packing into their work schedule.

For any changes to the schedule, this information should get posted on bulletin boards or shared spaces.

The moving committee will coordinate with the office finder on the exact occupancy date and the processing timeline.

3. Release Packing Instructions

Provide sufficient packing materials. Employees may need to advise on what are all the items that require packing and which items will be left for movers. Have a deadline for the packing so that boxes are sent to the new location in batches.

4. Display The New Office Layout

A reputable office finder will help in calculating office space. For an initial estimate, they will need the number of employees and whether the areas between them are spacious, regular, or maximized.

Additional details like the distribution of space for high management, open spaces, conference rooms, reception area, mailing/workrooms, kitchen/pantry areas should also be discussed.

Give employees an idea about what their new space will appear like. Publish the office layout with their new seat assignments so that they can imagine their new workspace.

A reduction in workspace means that they need to be advised to exclude unnecessary personal items from the move.

5. Inform Everyone About The New Location

New York City

Let employees know the exact address of the new office. This advance information can help them check changes in parking and commute times.

Ideally, the new location will have freeway access and near public transportation. This information is essential for those moving to office space in NYC.

The relocation does not necessarily have to be a stressful experience. Instead, this change is an opportunity to get employees excited about a new working environment. It just needs planning and proper coordination!