Pandemic-Driven Wedding Trends Are Here To Stay

Pandemic-Driven Wedding Trends

Published on March 31st, 2022

Around 2.5 million weddings are expected to happen in 2022, the most since 1984, the New York Times reports. Most celebrations are rescheduled events from the past two years, while the rest are likely couples who got engaged during the pandemic.

Engagement and wedding plans were forced to change drastically over the past few years and imbued with a new meaning of value for couples. Although some of the newest wedding trends may have initially been pandemic-driven, couples are continuing to incorporate them into their special day.

Hybrid Weddings

Hybrid weddings developed out of a need for smaller, safer ceremonies — 40% of weddings during the pandemic are estimated to have been hybrid. However, their popularity is expected to continue into the future.

Hybrid weddings essentially allow some guests to attend in-person while others attend virtually, therefore reducing expenses along with headcount. Guests may not be able to attend a wedding in-person for a number of reasons, including health issues or living too far away.

Fortunately, by livestreaming their ceremony in real-time, couples can still include remote guests in their big day. When it comes to live streaming, high-quality visuals and audio is key to providing guests with a smooth, enjoyable, and glitch-free experience.

And, to make virtual guests feel included further, couples are also opting to deliver things like gift hampers or online food delivery to their front doors.

Special Engagement Rings

After two years of unpredictability and change, couples are now choosing to make their engagement rings as special as possible. Personalized and unique engagement rings are now more popular than ever with budgets also larger than in the past — perhaps as couples have had more time to save up for a special ring.

Trilogy settings, in particular, are a new trend with the three stones representing past, present, and future. Three-stone settings are favored by those who can’t decide on a single gemstone or simply want a dazzling ring with maximum impact.

Alternatively, understated and elegant engagement ring designs are also currently favored. Classic oval and pear cut diamonds are a simple yet timeless and striking choice.

Cool Videography

Drone technology is allowing videographers and photographers to capture amazing aerial footage of wedding ceremonies.  No matter where a couple chooses to get married, that location is automatically special to them, and drone footage can provide unique and exceptional shots that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

And, for couples also embracing smaller celebrations, drones can even replace the role of the ring bearer and drop the rings off at the altar.  Additionally, mini, versatile cameras (like GoPro cameras) are being used to record one of the most special and memorable wedding moments: the walk down the aisle.

With this technology, couples can capture the bride’s entrance, along with the looks on the guests’ faces and the exchanging of vows.

Pandemic-driven wedding trends are here to stay. Hybrid ceremonies, personalized and unique engagement rings, and cool videography are some of the latest trends helping couples create special and memorable wedding celebrations.