The Best Red Wine Recipes You Can Serve Anytime

Red Wine

August 9th, 2019   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

Red wines are the most popular label of wines which they serve different purposes such as for royal celebration.

There are many classifications of red wines you can find in the market. Each of them carries a distinctive character which can fit the needs of every consumer. Red wines are also known as a true epitome of what a grape variety can offer.

The most beautiful thing about red wines is the health benefits it can bring to every drinking. Most nutritionists suggest that drinking one or two glasses of wine every day can help you avoid fatal diseases.

It also helps in keeping a younger and fairer looking skin. It also contains antioxidants which promotes a longer lifespan.

Another one good reason to celebrate a red wine is for recipe purpose. Many households and fine dining restaurants use red wines as their main recipe ingredients.

They believe that the natural flavor and alcohol of the red wine helps to reveal the authentic taste of each dish. They are also used for significant food preparations such as simmering and marinating.

There are lots of red wine recipes you can find anywhere. Red wines accompanied by Sparkling wine also exudes the real taste of each dish and a food recipe you would like to serve.

Here are some of the best red wine recipes you can serve anytime. These recipes can ensure you and your guest’s satisfaction and a unique way of enjoying common foods.

1. Braised Chicken In Red Wine

Mango Chicken Curry

Chicken is a staple meal that you can find in every household. You’ll see a lot of people using this as the main ingredient to make a perfect and unique dish.

The best way to make a special chicken dishes is through braising and adding red wine. You may also choose to add chickpeas and chorizo to make it more visually appealing and unique.

Use all the necessary ingredients to make this dish like orange zest, Cheyenne, paprika, and other essential elements.

You need to mix the chicken broth and the red wine before you mist and simmer it with chicken. The braised chicken in red wine will surely offer a one of a kind taste which will appeal to you and your guests.

2. Feta Salad In A Balsamic Red Wine Reduction

This dish is perfect for keto and health-conscious individual. It provides a salty, sweet, crisp, and fresh summer salad flavor.

It is the best way to freshen up your palate and take your fruits and vegetable dishes to a whole new level. One thing to make it more unique and different is to use a balsamic reduction using red wine.

It will help the taste of the salad fresher and tastier. You can use common ingredients such as pistachios, tomatoes, limes, lemons, etc. The balsamic reduction sauce is obtained by using red wine, which is poured over the salad.

3. Hanger Steak In Red Wine


Steak is one of the most favorite dishes of most people. It is also served in significant holidays and celebrations. Steaks are derived from either pork, beef, or lamb meat.

It is the same with chicken dishes where it is mostly found in anybody’s household. The hanger steak is an alternative way of preparing a steak meal, which is added with red wine to make it more tender and juicy.

The red wine serves as a sauce added with several elements such as spices to make the flavor more interesting. It is an alternative way of preparing a steak dish which will ultimately impress your guests, friends, and relatives.

4. Red Wine Pasta In Meat Sauce

Pasta dishes deems as the most popular type of snack. You can serve this at any time of the day, and people will surely like it. It is also a typical food you used to see on an ordinary day.

There are lots of pasta flavors you can make. Red wine in the pasta which uses a meaty sauce is a fun and alternative way of discovering a pasta recipe.

The preparation for this kind of dish is easy. It looks the same with the development you do for typical pasta dishes. You only need to add red wine in the meat sauce to exude its ctrue taste.

The alcohol content of red wine makes the meat sauce more meaty and saucy, and when you add it into the pasta, it creates an amazing sweet and salty taste.

5. Raspberry Sorbet In Red Wine

Red Wine_Foods

Red wines are perfect for meal course like the ones listed above so as for desserts. You may want to complete the red wine dishes you can serve by finishing it off with raspberry sorbet in red wine.

It is a perfect way to chill and freshen up your palate after you and your guests had eaten all the significant courses made from red wines. It is the best way, to sum up and complete your red wine recipes.

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