5 Quick Tips About Sourcing Products From China

Sourcing Products From China

July 27th, 2021   |   Updated on May 9th, 2023

China has become one of the world’s largest manufacturing hubs. Besides, it attracts millions of clients every year who want to source products from here.

It can manufacture different products, thanks to its advanced technology. Moreover, the country produces the products at low prices, making it possible for business owners to resell products at high-profit margins.

Importing goods from China can be one of the best decisions you ever make, but you will end up making significant losses if you are not careful.

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5 Quick Tips About Sourcing Products From China

There are many crucial things you need to consider when sourcing products from China. Here are five quick and easy tips that will help you during the process.

1. Take Time to Find a Reliable Supplier

When hunting for a reliable supplier, you should ensure that you take time and do proper research on the different suppliers selling the products you want.

Do not be too keen and quick to settle on a particular supplier. That’s because they might turn into scammers and fraudsters. Some places you can find reliable suppliers include Alibaba, Global Sources, and Made in China.

You also need to do background checks and look at the company profile on places such as Linkedin. Even though these sites are reliable, ensure you go through the comments and reviews from other customers they have served.

Also, keep your options open and ensure you only settle for the suppliers whose prices are reasonable. An ideal supplier will deliver goods on time, and the quality of the products they offer is often perfect.

Also, learn to distinguish a supplier from a manufacturer. Most sourcing platforms may be resellers and not manufacturers, making you incur more costs when purchasing products.

So, if you can identify a manufacturer and source from them directly, then do it to cut on the costs.

2. Verify the Suppliers

Looking for suppliers is one thing, and when you find them, please verify their identity to ensure that they are legit.

Most suppliers will have their online information, where you can check them out, but this may not be enough. Learn how to distinguish a factory from an intermediary, which will save you so much on costs.

You also need to verify if they have the technical expertise and capability to deliver products just as they state they can provide.

One way to verify this is by doing a factory audit, which includes checking their audited accounts, the value-added tax invoices, and asking for samples.

Also, look at the local government under which the factory falls since they have their records to check against the details they give you.

If possible, visit the company’s location or have a face-to-face conversation with the factory manager. It helps to ensure that you do proper verification of the company before sourcing products.

If this is not possible, use a sourcing agent in China to do the factory audit for you.

3. Attend Trade Shows

One easy way to find a reliable supplier is by attending the various trade shows in China. Here you get to meet the suppliers in person, and you also get a chance to visit their physical factories for auditing. Talking to suppliers face to face is better than online interaction.

You can achieve a lot in such a short time, and it minimizes the possibility of misunderstandings. Here, you can communicate your expectations loudly and reach a joint agreement with them.

Also, you can do a proper illustration of what you want in the products.

One big trade show you can attend is the Canton Fair, which takes place twice a year in Guangzhou. Here, you will find different suppliers showcasing their various products from automobiles, electronics, cosmetics, and much more.

4. Perform Product Sampling

Once you have a list of genuine suppliers you may consider purchasing, ask for samples from them. You want to ensure that you purchase a high-quality product at the lowest price possible. So, do the vetting from all the suppliers.

Also, compare the prices of the product with the quality and the MOQ they require. Then, you can do the sampling by correcting mistakes and telling the factory what to remove or improve until you get great results.

After you decide to put an order with a specific company, they can deduct the sampling cost from the total order.

If you have an issue with receiving the samples, allow a sourcing agent to do the process. Give them all the details and how you want the end product to look, and they will ensure you get that.

5. Do Not Compromise on Quality

The main reason why people purchase from China is because of the low prices. Usually, the companies here set a realistic price tag that incorporates various factors such as the material, labor packaging, and much more.

Thus, when negotiating for prices from a supplier, keep in mind that they have a minimum cost for manufacturing the product.

So, it is vital to do your due diligence and estimate the amount it might take to manufacture a particular product. After that, compare it with the price that the supplier is offering.

If the suppliers’ offer is way below the estimate, they may not be legit, or the products may be of low quality. Also, check the packaging that the supplier is using to ensure it is of high quality too.

Even more, ensure you perform regular quality control inspections so that the quality of your product meets your standards. It ensures that you identify a problem early enough and correct it there. Fixing a mistake prevents costly errors in the future.

How Long Does It Take to Source Products From China?

The period will depend on the kind of products and the shipping method you use. For example, it may take about five days to manufacture a product in China, but it can also take close to 14 days.

After this, shipping may take about 30 or fewer days, depending on the shipping method you use and your location.

Final Thoughts!

The above tips will help you in sourcing goods from China, especially if you are a beginner.

The main thing you may need to do is be vigilant and know what you want. Also, always seek help from a sourcing agent in case you are stuck.