How Can Small Online Businesses Step Up Their Thank You Cards With QR Codes?

July 14th, 2021   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Now that online shopping is becoming one of the people’s go-to means for buying the things they need or want, small online businesses are beginning to step up their customer satisfaction service in terms of packing their orders and placing Thank You cards in it.

And with simple gestures these businesses give to their customers, these customers will definitely become their loyal buyers and spread the word about their shop products and services to their colleagues.

Because of that, their store customer base will increase in no time. Since word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool for small businesses to have, they will no longer have to spend more money for letting the influencers promote their product.

Social Media And Its Power To Influence People

As the word of mouth strategy may not be enough for these small online businesses to grow, other low-key marketing means such as giving out Thank You cards with their social media handles is one of the strategies they employ to increase their sales and traffic on the internet.

Since social media is now playing a vital role in turning a starting business into a successful venture, people who push the product into billions of social media users’ spotlight gets the highlight many curious buyers want to add to their cart, check out and use.

With social media playing this integral role, placing it in Thank You cards have become one of the small online sellers’ staple in running a customer-centered business.

How To Upscale Your Thank You Card Content With QR Codes?

But as literally placing your social media handles in your thank you cards can be great for customers to easily find you on social media, the additional steps in typing the username in each of the social media handle search bar is can be a hassle for them.

Because of that, many small business owners are experimenting with new ways to upscale their thank you card content with the use of modern technology and more.

With the availability of a QR code generator online, QR codes have become one of the best tools to make the thank you cards more interactive.

In addition, here are some technical ways that small online companies can use QR codes to enhance the content of the thank you card.

Embed Their Social Media Handles Into A QR Code

As more businesses make sales in the products they post on social media, adding their social media handles in their thank you cards are great for increasing their followers’ domain.

But as embedding more text in a small piece of paper can ruin the design of their thank you cards, the use of QR codes is a great substitute to lessen the words that are fitted in the card.

By using a social media QR code, small business owners can convert all of their social media handles into one code and just let the receiver scan them and pick the box of the social media handle they want to follow.

Create A Multi-URL QR Code That Directs Each Customer With A Surprise Voucher

Since some businesses express their gratitude by sending discount coupons and vouchers for their customers to use in their next purchase, small online businesses can make their voucher giveaway exciting with the use of a multi-URL QR code.

Through this, online businesses can set up their voucher showings with a specific number of scans for discount changes.

Convert A Digital Products Catalog Into A QR Code

If the shop sells other products and wants to recommend them to their customers, their thank you card can be embedded with a digital product catalog through the use of QR codes. By doing this, their customers will only need to scan the QR code and download the catalog.


As the internet opens a new business opportunity for small-scale sellers, adapting to the new selling wave is what they do to make more sales. And with it, the attachment of thank you cards within every package they ship begins.

Since adding more information in a small piece of card is a crowd for customers to view and see, small online sellers can resort to the use of a QR code generator with logo online to create a customized QR code that is tailored to their brand’s colors and symbols.