3 Fantastic Vacation Ideas For Theme Parties Ideas

Theme Parties Ideas

February 4th, 2022   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

If you have toorganize a themed party, it might be hard to come up with original party ideas. Although there do exist 100 different themes for 100 different parties, it is logical that you wish to excel and come up with an original idea where nobody thought of before.

Thereby, you should of course create a setting which perfectly match the theme, which also can be considered as hard. To get some inspiration for a bunch of themed parties, you should read with us through our beneath ideas!

1. Worldwide

A worldwide party is a celebration for everyone! You give your guests enough freedom to come up with an original outfit, while giving them a little bit of guidance.

Thereby, your guests don’t have to reach far beyond their budget; it is not hard to find an outfit for a worldwide party just within the own garderobe. With only a white dress, your guest already can be a beautiful Greek princess, and with a khaki pants and vest, someone already can be the best game drive-instructor of South-Africa he or she always wanted to be. For the decoration of the party, you can divide the room into six continents, with matching props and flags; your guests will soon feel as if they are on a world trip.

2. Cannabis Party

It might not be the first thing that pops in mind when you think about a themed party, but have you ever thought of throwing a cannabis party? Of course, you don’t even have to use it during the party, you could just make sure that your guests are dressed like it! There are a lot of different suits and festive clothes who make you feel like your cannabis itself. You could turn your room into a cannabis Walhalla, with lots of matching gadgets; clocks, shot glasses and ashtrays. Tip: these gadgets are easily available via top 10 Headshop.

3. Supermarket Vibes

As last but not least, you can theme your party after a supermarket. As dress code, you could make sure that all of your guests are dressed up like food.

Think about; strawberries, M&M’s or a hotdog. To decorate your room, you could make sure that it looks like a real supermarket, with all the different departments; fruit, fish, meat, sweets & snacks….