The Top Beauty Trends Of 2022

Top Beauty Trends

Published on April 11th, 2022

Just like the beginning of every year, there are certain expectations about the beauty industry that you may find surprising. New trends are going to come up and for anyone keen, it is important to watch out for them if you want to stay updated.

There are new trends, some which are simply updates while others are totally new introductions. From updated skincare routines to cosmetic techniques like tummy tuck procedures, hair, makeup routines, etc., every area has its fair share of new trends.

To that end, the following are some of the 2022 beauty trends to look out for.

1. Cryotherapy

Icing the skin on a daily basis could help improve it, and this could be using tools from the freezer. It helps to soothe the skin by constricting vessels while regulating blood circulation to reduce or prevent puffiness and inflammation. You could lightly glide icy tools after a skin care routine.

However, you don’t necessarily have to use ice-cold tools, some brands have already introduced cooling skincare formulas in the market.

2. Innovative Bodycare

Skincare is now more than just the face. In 2022, more brands are introducing body care products. Whatever you use in the shower and afterwards is meant to serve a particular purpose.

Some of the most popular ingredients like aloe vera, squalane, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid have now been incorporated in body care products.

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of people make is to introduce an exfoliant every day. These acids are meant to be introduced to the skin gradually, whether the face or the whole body as they could do more harm when done in excess. A good way to start is to exfoliate every two weeks then slowly increase the number of times you use it.

3. Dewy Makeup

Dewy makeup has been around for a while, and it is not going anywhere. Matte textures are common but dewy finishes are taking the lead in 2022.

Makeup artists focus on that glowy, natural-looking skin. The hyper-filtered finishes are not going to be as frequent as before.

To ensure the ultimate glow, some of the big cosmetic brands are launching products meant to provide natural, dewy finishes. Other tricks used to achieve the looks include cream or balm highlighters that create glass-like appearances.

4. Bright Face And Hair Colors

Saturated hues are making a comeback in 2022. While natural makeup looks have been major in the past years, bright colors on both the face and hair are becoming very common. Bold eye makeup and daring hair dyes are examples of some of the bold looks and color we are seeing in 2022.

For example, you could substitute your normal mascara with a brighter tone and even add coloured mascara layers. The best part is that you can experiment with different colors and create an amazing look.

5. Wind Up

For obvious reasons, the beauty industry is always evolving. What people used to fancy 5 years ago is currently outdated. Whether it is color cosmetics, for instance, which is focused on pairing both maximalist glam and natural beauty.

Or encouraging natural hair textures, embracing fermented skincare, et al. The above are some of the new trends that individuals in the beauty industry are embracing in 2022.