Do I Need A Drain Contractor Or A Plumber To Unclog My Clogged Drain?

Unclog My Clogged Drain

December 3rd, 2019   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

At some point, you will have a moist-related issue in your home. This is like an emergency, and you need to solve it as soon as possible before it causes more problems in your house.

Whether it is a water tap that cannot switch off, a wet basement, or a clogged drain, it is often a problem that will need attention from a professional.

For many homeowners, the real challenge is deciding who to call when they see the signs of water-related issues such as a clogged drain.

They are confused about whether to call a plumber, contractor or a waterproofer. This guide will help you decide on which professional to choose to get a specific situation corrected.

1. Drainage Expert Can Help In Wastewater Issues


Any issue related to the elimination of dampness from your home is categorized under the functions of a drainage specialist.

Even though some glitches can occur indoors, for instance, a clogged sink that won’t empty water because of a clogged drain, the main cause of most water problems are as a result of an obstruction in a drainage drain.

Drainage services encompass unclogging of drains, re-aligning, and replacing the pipes. It also involves dealing with broken external pipes.

Alternatively, plumbing services encompass checking on the water penetrating your home, so it covers corrections such as toilet replacements, unclogging sinks, dripping toilets, and repairing internal drain leaks.

2. Scrutiny and Monitoring Function

Apart from carrying out repairs and getting rid of blockages in clogged drains, drainage experts also play a crucial function in averting drainage issues before they happen.

As drains age, they may develop chips and cracks which affect the pipes and also offer surface where buildup can occur.

Drainage specialists carry out CCTV check-ups to know the conditions of the installed pipework and make recommendations on whether pipe repair or replacement is needed.

The drainage also carries out high-pressure housework of the installed pipework to reduce the menace of harmful accumulation.

3. Getting Rid Of Filthy Waste

Getting Rid Of Filthy Waste

Whether you depend on your septic tank to store your residue or are a farming business that produces a slurry, time to time you will need to remove the waste.

Drainage experts do tank services to hygienically get rid of all foul residual from your home and dump it in the right way.

Since animal and human waste can harbour harmful pathogens, you need to hire a professional for safe removal and transportation of the foul waste.

A professional company can carry out either a one-time waste removal or a regular cleaning job, contingent on your requirements.

Plumbers are not trained to carry out waste elimination, so if you have anything to do with waste, you should leave this to a drainage professional.

4. Drain Pipe Specialists

Just like drain pipes, some portions of sewerage pipes are left in the hands of individual homeowners.

If you notice there is a broken sewer pipe on your structure, it can lead to serious issues in adjacent houses, so quick actions are needed to prevent health problems, especially if there are mould and mildew growth.

Plumbers are not trained to repair or replace sewer pipes, and as such, you need to hire a drainage specialist if you have this kind of work.

Due to the type of the work needed to be done in the pipes, especially the clogged drains, an expertise intervention is needed.

5. Plumbers

Clogged Drain

Plumbers install, maintain, and repair drainage systems and water supply mechanism in a home. This involves installing fixtures and faucets, removing debris from clogged sinks, and fixing burst pipe and waterproofing leaks.

They also repair the running toilet and dripping toilets. So when are you supposed to call a plumber?

If you discover there are plumbing leaks on your washing machine, toilet, drain, or faucet, call a plumber. It is easy to identify the leaks from the pipes.

You may see water droplets near the pipes or your water heater, or below the area where the pipe is leaking.

It is important to note that each expert is trained to handle a specific issue, and therefore, it is essential to know who to choose depending on a specific issue you are experiencing in your home.

Choosing the right expert will ensure you get the right services to correct the problems in your home, whether clogged drains or a wet basement.