Impress Your Beloved This Valentine’s With These Mesmerizing Flowers

Mesmerizing Flowers

October 31st, 2020   |   Updated on June 27th, 2022

Flowers are the expression for passing on non-verbal messages from centuries. These are the symbol of fertility and the middle of February is for fertility festival celebrations. So, flowers and valentine day are heart and soul for true love.

The florists at know there is a flower for each mood and liking, similarly there are flowers that are exchanged as a mark and gesture of love.

History Of Valentine’s Day

An annual celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day on February 14, is the symbol of romance since AD 496. With association to the lovebirds and their love, from the 14th to 19th century, love declarations became a norm.

In Italy, Saint Valentine Key’s are the lovers’ trend, as an invitation to unlock a giver’s heart. The symbol of love, flowers are special occasions to express love, sentiments and affection. The Flower Company has the most magnificent assortment just for you.

A Valentine Week For Love Birds

Valentine’s Day is not limited to just February 14 but is celebrated for a whole week. Today’s couple celebrates each day with full enthusiasm.

  • February 7Rose Day
  • February 8 – Propose Day
  • February 9 – Chocolate Day
  • February 10 – Teddy Day
  • February 11 – Promise Day
  • February 12 – Hug Day
  • February 13 – Kiss Day
  • February 14Valentine’s Day

Unique Ideas To Express Your Love With Flowers

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These are some of the best ways to use flowers skillfully to deliver your love wrapped in soft fragrance. Direct from the stash of Flower Company:

  1. Silent declaration with flowers: Use every colour of a flower to say your words. Do not use verbal or written words, just flowers for this valentine and let your loved one understand your true love. The very essence of flowers is soft and pure, just like your love.
  2. Torn pages of romance: Select a book and torn pages which relay your message to your better half. With each poetic poem of a page or quote, a flower showing significance to that message as well. This will be some of the treasured memories in future for sure.
  3. Saving the Clicks: Everyone has a few clicks that are most valuable for them. Print those clicks and add flower with a long stem, with a beautiful bow to each top. This will be an awesome gift for this valentines day. Your girlfriend, wife, fiance, husband, will cherish your effort for it.
  4. Declaration journey with a dish garden: Dish gardens are the new trends. It is the combination of different plants and flowers in one dish. Each flower plotted in the dish garden signifies your motive towards the recipient. Add all the flowers you want for your valentine which will earn you golden points for sure.
  5. One word within the petals: If you are a new lover ready to declare your love, Flower Company has a perfect idea for you. Write each word in a separate white paper, smaller the paper the better to hide it. Place the slips in the petals of individual flowers and create a bouquet. This is going to be your first and most memorable valentine’s day.
  6. Long term lovers: If you are long term lovers, with years of relationship in your journey, go for a small creative theme. Use small cards with small beautiful tulip bloom and little heart attached. Use a number that matters to you both. It will work wonders and will add spice to your lovely relationship.
  7. Flowers with riddles: Some couples like new exciting ways to give something always. If you want something extraordinary for your love, use riddles. Yes, Riddles! Print riddles and add a flower showing your feelings. Ask your soulmate to solve it for himself and get something in return. Try riddles to give the best surprises.
  8. Tiny surprises on each step: Are you ready to propose this valentine? Go for the tiny little gift steps theme of Flower Company. Use special things close to your girl’s heart and pack them as tiny gifts. Beautifully wrapped and placed on the staircase, leading to your room. Decorate your bedroom in a soft theme and boom, it’s a YES!!!

The flower way is the best way to express your love, affection as well as the long-lasting friendship. The Flower Company has a huge collection of extravagant beauties to make your day more memorable.

5 Most Amazing Flower Arrangements For Your Lovable Valentine

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When done perfectly for your perfect person, flowers are the perfect gift ever. The flower company are here to help you with an enormous selection

  1. Long-stemmed Roses: Velvety red texture of long-stemmed roses tell you the love of the giver. Yellow says the friendship they adore and pink delivers the message of admiration and poetic essence. Valentine’s day is meant to be cherished, so does your valentine.
  2. Ranunculus: If you are going for a luxurious choice for this valentine’s, opt the most dazzling flower. Ranunculus are the perfect flowers to relay a message of admiration on your part.
  3. Stargazer Lilies: According to the Flower Company, stargazer lilies depict a story. If you want to highlight the stargazers, add roses to complete the royalty look. Tiger lilies are the best choices for your valentine person as they symbolize passion.
  4. Pink Tulips: You know, the perfect gift for your true love is the combination of pink and white tulips. Every tulip colour shares a different story with us, says Flower Company. Pink tulips tell the care and adoration you feel.
  5. Alstroemeria: The beautiful assortment of all colours of alstroemeria are perfect. A relative of Lily and a symbol of devotion and friendship. A variety of white, apricot, lavender, yellow, when combined makes a magnificent present.


Everything is dull in comparison to your true love but still, you do more and more each passing year. Flowers were the top choice for the valentine’s day then (14th century), flowers are the top choice for this valentine (21st century). Some things can’t be changed and some are not meant to be, Flowers are one of the later ones.