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Delicious Vegan

March 31st, 2021   |   Updated on June 22nd, 2023

I believe the world is going through a health revolution. After several health issues, people started facing problems related to their diet and eating habits.

People have become health conscious, now more than ever. Your functioning, healthy body is your greatest asset, and investing in it would be the wisest decision one can ever make.

Their future self will thank them. During this health-conscious phase, many people chose to go vegan, and after noticing how this one lifestyle change has started to improve their health and quality of life, they haven’t stopped since.

What Does It Mean To Be Vegan?

Being vegetarian and being vegan are two different things. People tend to confuse and mix the two. Vegetarians don’t eat meat, while vegans can’t have all animal products and meat, which essentially includes dairy, eggs, honey, etc.

Health Benefits Of Veganism

A very good question in this debate of vegetarianism and veganism is why I should convert, or what value would make this change add to my life?

It has been proved that going vegan might give you more health benefits than you realize. You’d generally be consuming food richer in nutrients than you’d do otherwise on a non-vegan diet.

As animal food products are high in cholesterol, not consuming them would lower your cholesterol levels which would do wonders for your heart health and save you from any cardiovascular disorders.

Since you’d be relying on whole foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, and seeds, your fiber, and anti-oxidant levels will be boosted. It will lower your blood sugar levels, cut excessive calories, improve kidney function, and protect you from cancer.

Before Moving Forward…

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How To Get Started?

Even though this lifestyle proves to be a game-changer for achieving optimal health, it is very important to take the right steps to make this change right. Many people want to make this change but have no idea where to start. This article will walk you through that.

Meal Prep

The best thing you can do to make your vegan journey easier is to do your grocery and prepare your meals for the week beforehand.

Now it is understandable if you cannot find the time to prepare all your meals beforehand. This does not mean you have to risk falling back into your old ways.

You can always order from a vegan meal delivery service. This way making healthy life changes is convenient and hassle-free.

Vegan Meal Delivery Service

Looking for a vegan meal provider which delivers deliciously prepared vegan meals to your doorstep? Look no more because Thistle has got you covered.

It offers various delicious vegan meals and an intricately put-together globally inspired vegan menu to choose from. Some of the reasons why you should opt for this can be:

Nutrient Diversity

Meals served at your doorstep are rich in various nutrients with various healthy options to choose from. They also try their best to make them organic when possible.

  • Gluten-Free: Thistle has done its research and understands how most vegan people also go gluten-free, providing gluten-free meal plans.
  • Dairy-Free: Using delicious and healthy substitutes for dairy, Thistle tries its best not to let its consumers feel left out for going dairy-free.
  • Superfoods Galore: Thistle is known for its variety, so it has a diverse menu loaded with superfoods like turmeric, ginger, chia, and much more.


As much as going vegan can be a significant change to improve your overall health, it can also be overwhelming. Deciding on investing in a vegan meal delivery can make your journey go smoother than you could’ve imagined.