7 Ways To Calm A Girl Down Without Aggravating The Situation

Aggravating The Situation

May 26th, 2021   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

There are various unpredictable situations in our life that can unbalance even the most positive people.

A relationship is always a responsibility and a willingness to support each other in difficult times. Girls, as you know, are more subtle and sensitive creatures, so it is important to have an idea of ​​what to do in a given situation.

1. Stay With Her In Difficult Times

Sometimes you just need to get in the car and come to her. Let her know that this is not a burden for you. Stay with her for a while, hug her and take her hand. Tactile contact promotes calming.

Don’t ask a lot of questions and don’t try to talk if she doesn’t want to do it. Perhaps she will not be able to tell anything at all. You can just sit silently next to her.

2. Don’t Give In To Emotions

This is the most difficult but also the most important point in such a situation. If you start nervous and blame her in the process, such a manifestation of emotions will not lead to anything good. Your screaming will not calm down your Latina wife or any other girl.

3. Be An Sttentive Listener

Try to carefully find out the cause of the woman’s upset and if she is ready to share, then listen to her without interrupting. Show your concern by nodding and making eye contact.

Keep your opinion to yourself. If a girl wants to know it, she will ask about it herself. It happens that a lady doesn’t want to share the details and forcing her to talk about the reasons for her bad mood is not the best solution.

4. Don’t Downplay Her Problem

You can’t underestimate the importance of the problem with phrases like: “Huh, this is a trifle”, “I had the same, it’s not a problem” etc.

From such a reaction, the girl may think that you don’t care about her situation. It is even worse if the lady thinks that you are laughing at her.

5. Help Her Get Distracted

It is very difficult for a woman to turn her attention to something else. She can have painful thoughts for days, not knowing how to find a way out.

Help her with this. Persuade her to go to a cafe, to a movie, to a concert – a place with a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. This way, she will be able to escape from thoughts at least for a while.

6. Don’t Speak Ill Of Her Appearance

Remarks like “you have lost so much weight,” “what about your hair,” “you are so pale,” etc. are tactless. There is nothing to discuss here: keeping silent is the optimal position.

But if you want to cheer her up, then say something like “you look better today”, “you look great”. The phrases seem to be harmless but they can cause a protest in a woman: she knows exactly how she looks and how she feels, and can take a compliment for careless ridicule.

7. Encourage Her

“Everything will be fine,” “you will win,” “we will handle,” etc. will not work. First, unfortunately, no one can say that it will be good for sure, that you will win or cope.

Secondly, when a woman is immersed in her problems, it is hard to think about good things. And this is normal: the whole range of emotions from anger and bargaining to acceptance has to be gone through.