Top 4 Ways To Win A Younger Woman’s Heart


July 19th, 2019   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

Younger women are oftentimes easier to date than older women because they’re under far less stress and have more reasonable expectations.

If you want to meet younger women and master dating them, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we discuss our top 4 tips to make sure she’s purring in your arms in no time.

1. Put Your Cards On The Table

Making Yourself Attractive To Women

A younger woman is not looking for a companion. Instead, she wants consuming love that hurts, and isn’t afraid to give her all to get it.

She may or may not have a marriage behind her, but it’s unlikely she’s never had a serious relationship before.

That relationship failed for a reason so she’s got enough experience to know what she doesn’t want and what doesn’t work for her.

That doesn’t mean she’s mature enough to know what she’s looking for exactly, which pretty much means the door is open for you to show her what she needs is you.

If she’s really into you, she’ll push your buttons in the early stages of a relationship to see how far she can go.

This is your opportunity for the grand gesture – putting your cards on the table and putting yourself at her mercy.

A grand gesture takes the relationship to the next level, ensuring she starts feeling like you’re her safe haven.

2. Take Her Out

Take Her Out

You may be at an age when partying all night long might be too taxing, but if you want to date a younger woman you have to have the stamina for it.

One of the ways to show her you’re up for the task is to take her out dancing, wining and dining, or catching night-time museum exhibitions.

If she happens to be a night owl you’ll have to tough it out, and brush up on your dance skills.

On the other hand, you can take this opportunity and show her that staying in has its advantages too, especially if you’re a savvy cook and can make finger-licking food at home.

3. Don’t Try To Impress Her With Money

Just because she’s attracted to you as an older guy doesn’t mean she’s after your money. Maybe she comes from a well-off family and has more funds than you can wrap your head around.

Or maybe she is an honest girl who likes you for who you are. Trying to impress her with how much money you’re making might seem like a sign of insecurity on your part.

Do you not have anything else to offer but your money? Didn’t think so! It’s nice to enjoy a certain level of comfort, especially when you’ve earned it yourself, but showing it off too much is not a good idea.

Plus, you wouldn’t want a gold digger under your arm anyways so you shouldn’t treat your girl like one.

4. Show Her Your Moves When She Least Expects It

Show Her Your Moves When She Least Expects It

By all means, if you want to date younger women you have to impress them with something.

Instead of impressing them with your resume or bank account balance, how about you use your years of experience to show her the moves she’s never seen?

Exuding confidence every step of the way will sweep her off her feet regardless of whether you’re at a restaurant, at home watching a movie or contemplating the meaning of the latest Neil Gaiman novel.

Treat her like she’s the only girl in the world, shower her with the right kind of attention, and watch her eat right out of the palm of your hand as she melts in your arms.