Learn About The Benefits Of Using LMS In K-12 Education

LMS In K-12 Education

Published on June 11th, 2022

The Learning Management System (LMS) is a software platform that assists in creating, tracking, managing, and reporting several educational courses and offers multiple advantages to the K-12 educational system.

The K-12 educational system is where both primary and secondary education are summarized together. The letter ‘K’ stands for Kindergarten and the number 12 is for 12th grade. The schools providing K-12 education provide the foundation for future learning.

How Can K-12 LMS Be Of Use In Schools?

K-12 LMS provides an automated system of learning that is adaptable and engaging for the students. The software is not only beneficial for students but also teachers to manage and administer courses in a much more efficient manner.

With the help of a learning management system (LMS), one can perform multiple tasks, such as administration, documentation, delivering, and assessing online educational programs.

An LMS is a web-based or cloud-based software program that assists in the teaching and learning process and helps in the effective delivery of instruction, training, and development programs for students.

An LMS facilitates instruction to the learners and administers them to use and access services and is beyond the restriction of time and place in the teaching and learning process.

There are many LMSs available that offer these features suitable for the educational system. One of them is Claned, which has a built-in learning design for better online courses for schools, colleges, and universities.

Benefits of an LMS in K-12 education

Tracking students performance

The system stores all the students’ reports in one place for the teachers and parents to easily access. Data from students’ assignments and attendance can be stored in an LMS with ease and can be used to provide progressive reports on learning and development.

Those students who need additional support across any subject can also be simply identified with the help of these progress reports.

Parental access to the course

K-12 LMS gives full access to parents and enables them to view class assignments, timetables, schedules, and reports of the students who need help with organizing things. The use of an LMS can be of big help to the parents as well as the students.

Create a remote learning environment anywhere

With K-12 LMS students can easily create a learning environment outside of their classrooms. The students can take the course using any mobile device, such as – a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. They would just need a stable internet connection and they can start learning any time and from anywhere.

Organization and distribution of educational course materials

While using an LMS the course material is accessible to students if they are in class or even at home. This means the students can access the educational content at their convenience. Textbooks can also be shared online via multiple software applications.

Range of assessment format options

K-12 LMS enables the educators to create different assignments in an array of formats, such as – short quizzes, question and answer format, multiple-choice questions, tests, and much more. Videos and links to the external information can be set in effortlessly into the learning content to allow the students easiness of contact and beautifully connect learning and development content.

Communication tools

The learning management system provides messenger tools where teachers and students can join for vital discussions and can easily communicate with each other. Class pages, homerooms, house pages, or year levels are widespread.

Subjects resources in various formats

An LMS system allows teachers to share content about the subject in audio, video, and text formats. K-12 LMS also reduces the cost of maintenance and purchasing of physical tools like paper making it an environmentally friendly system.

Enhanced student organization

Students can upload their projects and assignments on time as the teachers can assign tasks in their calendars which can easily be checked by the students.

This then assists students to prepare for their assignment and homework time as they can see all of their tasks for the week, month and term and also add in personal and extracurricular commitment.

Always look for a highly customizable and scalable K-12 platform.

When you are sure you want to invest in an LMS for your educational system, school, or a university, look for the below features of K-12 education.

  • Easy management
  • Accurate performance report
  • Notification and messenger
  • Easy administration
  • Easy distribution

LMS provides ease and flexibility in working and learning remotely, due to this some universities or educational institutions have started with completely online courses.

LMSs cater to entire school functionality and offer features that improve communication across the whole school society including the parent groups.