The 4 Best BBQ In Newark New Jersey


February 25th, 2019   |   Updated on April 13th, 2023

Newark is the largest city in New Jersey and home to the first annual Thanksgiving Parade. It’s also the place to go for great eats. This diverse locale presents food lovers with several tasty treats like dishes from Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese cuisines. Several restaurants also cater to barbecue lovers.

Here’s the four best BBQ in Newark, NJ.


1. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que


The home of a brontosaurus-sized menu, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que has dishes to cater to different palates. The restaurant divides its menu into different categories:

  • Small and Shared Plates
  • Custom ‘Cue Plates
  • Bar-B-Cue Pit Plates
  • Specialty Sandwiches

Fifteen side dishes served hot or cold helps hungry customers to sample the menu before waiting for the main course. These side dishes include Fresh Cut Fries, Black Beans & Rice, and Harlem Potato Salad. While this Newark BBQ restaurant specializes in offering large meat portions, vegetarians will still see a range of options to choose from the menu. Numerous veggie-filled plates are available for orders like deviled eggs, fried green tomatoes, and smoked portobello sandwiches.

This meat-filled place also caters to online bookings from their site. You can check out for more information.


2. Pulaski Heights BBQ

The Pulaski side of the Leathers Building in Newark is now the home of the Pulaski Heights BBQ restaurant. Its owner offers a humble statement of being a “simple BBQ joint,” but over-delivers. Enjoy servings of Pulled Pork, Salt & Pepper Brisket, and Lemon & Thyme-Rubbed Chicken found on the restaurant’s menu.

Walk inside the restaurant to find a pleasurable atmosphere. Even the trains that pass by adds to the ambiance of a busy BBQ food place. You’ll also see a bar offering cocktails and unique treats for customers on-the-go. Numerous wine options are also available if you want to sample the place’s liquors. This food place doesn’t mind if you BYOB which means Bring Your Own Booze.

Like Dinosaur-Bar-B-Que, Pulaski Heights BBQ also has a selection of dishes for vegetarians. If you don’t want to savor the meaty treats, there are options like the Mixed Green Salad, Vegneck Reuben Sandwich, and the Pimiento Cheese with Saltines appetizer.


3. Ferry St. BBQ

The Ferry St. BBQ emanates scents of barbecued dishes over a charcoal grill as soon as you walk into the restaurant. Customers can enjoy dishes like Charcoal Grilled Whole Chicken, Spare Ribs, Salmon, and Short Ribs. The restaurant’s cook slowly rotates the food while putting the right amount of flavor on each portion. There are no automatic grills, as BBQ food comes with a personal touch through a hand-cranked mechanism.

They have a range of options for different meat lovers, including dishes that comprises chicken, pork, and ribs. There are also lots of side dishes to choose from its menu. The restaurant prides itself in serving ribs that won’t fall off the bone.

This joint focuses its efforts on delivering delicious food to its tables. Most people won’t mind the lack of music in the atmosphere when eating the food served by the Ferry St. BBQ staff. The ambiance presents a rustic vibe, and there might not be music when you visit.  


4. City Rub Smokehouse

Portable Propane Bbq Grill

The City Rub Smokehouse attracts customers in the southeast corner of the Ironbound. While other BBQ restaurants offer an urban ambiance to guests, this meat joint delivers a lounge-like atmosphere. There are flat-screen TVs on the walls to watch your favorite sports programs while you eat.

Enjoy different dishes like:

  • Smoked ribs
  • Sausage sampler
  • Pulled pork and poultry
  • Shrimp and grits
  • Spicy tuna tartare
  • Grilled oysters with micro arugula salad
  • Camaro na Moranga

Side dishes are also plentiful as you can select from treats like smoky potato salad, to quinoa and cherry tomatoes. This restaurant mixes American, Southern, and Tex-Mex cuisines into flavors that won’t leave you hanging.


City Rub Smokehouse lets customers and staff enjoy Samba nights every Sunday. Celebrate the Brazilian culture with the restaurant’s signature dishes and drinks. Both the ambiance and selection of meals from this place offer a distinct mix of Southern cuisine and urban cooking. Party packages are also available for a minimum of 20 people who wish to celebrate events in City Rub Smokehouse, Newark.


A Choose: New Jersey report tells readers that the site’s last count of firms in the state’s flavor, fragrance, and ingredient industry is 128. Newark helps hungry folks to literally bring home the bacon with a sumptuous set of restaurants dedicated to delivering tasty BBQ treats. Barbecued food is alive and well in the locale to help satisfy the cravings of its diverse community.