Best Ideas To Wish A Friend A Speedy Recovery

get well soon Party

Published on April 23rd, 2022

We’re sure you will agree that getting sick is not only exhausting but also very boring! It’s boring to lie in bed all day, eat hospital food, and go for the same medical checkups. But finally, you are free to go home. Although you still can’t “live to the fullest”, you really crave attention and wanna have fun!

If your relative or friend has been sick for some time and is now getting better, then the best way to cheer them up is to arrange a Get Well Soon party in their honor!

Pay due attention to the decorations: order fresh flowers, make a bright congratulatory banner, decorate the room with LED garlands and pompoms, and do not forget to order colorful themed balloons at site you trust to create some amazing compositions that will make him happy!

Now, we will share with you some good tips on how to decorate the Get Well Soon party!

Get Well Balloon Bouquets Ideas

Several things distinguish such bouquets from many others. These are even brighter latex balloons and bolder multi-colored combinations: Get Well Soon branded Mylar balloons, cheerful balloon smileys, unique themed foil items (cute nurses, thermometers, syringes, flowers, hearts, etc.).

Congratulatory Banner Or Garland

There’s no Get Well party without a cute congratulatory banner with the Get Well wishes! Here are some of the cutest ideas you can use:

  • A banner made from ordinary paper flags is one of the easiest and fastest options. This is a classic choice that never goes out of style! Use paper of bright colors (for example, you can create a gradient) or a lovely pastel shade.
  • Letter balloons are another great option to create a banner or garland. Add bright latex balloons at the edges of the garland, placing your congratulation made up of foil letters in its center.
  • A homemade cookie banner is a great idea to help you surprise your loved one. To do this, you will have to bake large letters and then use them to assemble your edible message and string it on a fishing line.
  • Velvet tassel and felt balls – this is another unique idea that will appeal to the lovers of hand-made. Such a garland looks very homely and touching.
  • Flower buds and greenery: this is a very beautiful type of garland, but you need to do your best. Stretch the fishing line and use small clothespins to attach flower buds, alternating them with green leaves.

A Festive Wall

  • A balloon wall is one of the most popular options: using a special base and a two-sided tape, you can lay out amazing patterns and pictures with balls of different colors, shapes and sizes.
  • Cardboard with paper fans or plastic plates: take a sheet of cardboard, glue a blank white sheet of paper to it (or paint it white). Then, attach a lot of colorful paper fans or ordinary disposable plates to it using some pins. This is a simple idea, but the result looks quite cheerful.
  • Fresh flowers: you can order a ready-made wall from a florist company or make it yourself — there are plenty of instructions on the Web to help you make your masterpiece! This decoration will not leave anyone indifferent. Moreover, it will fill the room with the aroma of fresh flowers and help the one you love to get well faster.
  • A combination of balloon garland and tinsel curtain: make a garland of latex balloons of different colors and sizes, then attach a DIY tinsel garland to it.
  • A combination of tissue paper curtain and led garlands: attach the fishing line to the wall and then start stringing long strips of colorful tissue paper onto it, alternating it with LED garlands. Now, turn the lights off and switch your LED garland on — you won’t believe that such a beauty could exist.
  • Pom poms: attach pom poms of different colors to the fishing line. Then, fix some command hooks on the large cardboard sheet and set it vertically. Now, just hang the line with the pom poms on the command hooks in no particular order!

Feature Image Source: Number 10 ( CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 )