10 Best Side Business Ideas For Women In 2021

Business Ideas For Women

April 24th, 2021   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Everyone likes to make some extra money, and a side business does give one that opportunity. Women who run the household know more about it and know the value of that extra income.

Some small business ideas which start at home or garage can grow leaps and bound in future with the right amount of focus and become the primary source of income. While thinking of a side business idea may sound daunting, we have simplified it ahead for you.

Below is a list of the top 10 best side business ideas specifically for women in 2021:

1. Online Sales Of Commodities

Amazon and Flipkart have changed the online sale landscape in India, and everyone is trying to be part of it as a seller or buyer. Women have the most creative ideas and can use these platforms for their promotion.

Handcrafted products, dress materials, mobile accessories and fashion accessories are a few examples of the same.

With the right amount of business promotion and planning, one can achieve good sales. As the business grows, one can establish it as a primary one with the higher logistics and finance options available in the market.

2. Travel Advisor

Currently, travelling is the last thing on each person’s mind, but it has great potential once everything opens up again.

If you travel a lot or have good knowledge about the particular landscape, you can start your travel advisory firm.

Build your client base by promoting online and talk to various hotels and travel agents. Start with individual or small group bookings and grow your business along.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is something in which a company compensates other people who generate traffic to that company website. With the new customers getting directed to the website, the company get benefited from higher sales or brand promotion.

Apart from making money for every purchase they make, the original affiliates will earn a small commission. It is the best side business for women who want to incorporate affiliate marketing in their blogs.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods in which women can start their business. Recent reports suggest that affiliate marketing can earn you up to more than USD 40000.

4. Home Baking

Everyone loves cake and confectionery. Women can use their baking skills and turn it into a satisfying business.

Home-based baking is getting quite popular, and you can manage your orders and time according to your primary job.

Promote your cakes, chocolates and other products online and invest in good baking wares and ingredients. It may turn out to be a big business in the future with dedication and financial push.

5. Delivery Services

If you are a bit bold enough, start your delivery services. With an initial investment of two-wheelers and employing people, you can connect with the local stores and partner with them for home delivery services in a fixed locality.

You can earn a good commission based on the type and distance of the delivery.

6. Life Coach

Women are more empathetic than others. It helps them to establish a strong emotional bond to understand the true feelings of other people.

There is a lot of demand for therapy for individuals. Aspiring women can enroll themselves in certification for psychological wellbeing and can set up wellness clinics.

The government recognizes the need for mental wellbeing and has directed the public sector banks to grant business loan for women who wish to open a counselling clinic after passing certification from recognized universities.

7. Transcription

It is one of the less stressful jobs that women can do as a side business. It has the advantage of less work and a good amount of remuneration.

Transcription is generally required to incorporate subtitles for different languages in the range of 15 dollars per hour.

If you are looking for a flexible sidekick and you have a passion for understanding different accents, then this is the job for you.

8. Photographer


If photography is your real passion, then you can monetize it. Research the market and invest in a decent camera and its accessories that can cover professional assignments.

There are various types of photography assignments, from baby to wedding and from indoor to outdoor. You can specialize in one and build your business.

Promote your work through different channels and aim for more project profiles. With persistence and the right financial push, you can invest in the studio to make it more professional in the future.

9. Social Media Manager

If you know the basics of social media, you can start as a social media manager. Social media is the only growing medium now, and you can project your skills and grab some clients.

Track trends and influence the probable customers through your work, benefitting your client. It has immense opportunity and growth options.

10. Interior Designer

Women are born creative, and interior designing is a niche business opportunity. Having a magnificently interior decorated house is an indicator of social prestige for many people living in the posh areas of big cities.

There is great demand for interior decorators that completed the training from good colleges and have got some glowing appreciation letters from their previous clients.

Conclusion: The Way Ahead for Women Entrepreneurs

Women are excellent managers. One can choose a suitable business idea and follow it passionately to become an entrepreneur.

To empower women, various banks and NBFC’s offer business loan for women entrepreneurs. It can be helpful to catapult on that small business idea to grow into a big one.