25 Best Texts To Seduce Your Scorpion Partner

Seduce Your Scorpion Partner

November 19th, 2019   |   Updated on February 21st, 2023

Below given are some of the best texts or one-liners which will make your partner craving for more.

They are perfect for both sexes and you will love them as they have a feeling of both naughtiness and love.

They are perfectly playing with the emotions and showing your playful side.

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1. I Feel Like A Crazy Person. As Soon As Your Name Comes Up On My Phone I Want You Badly.

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2. I Am Texting You Just By Using My One Hand. My Pretty Partner, Can You Guess Where My Second Hand Is Engaged?


3. You Are Driving My Head Crazy And I Am Unable To Get You Out Of That But I Will Definitely Enjoy To Have A Taste Of You In My Mouth


4. Can You Come At My Place Tonight? I Am Already At My Bed And I Don’t Want To Use It For Sleeping Only.


5. Send Me Something Naughty, You Sexy And I Promise I Will Also Send You Something Equally Naughty.


6. I Am Confused Between Anal And Oral And Thus I Am Going To Be All Greedy And Wanting And Will Demand For Both Tonight.

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7. I Miss Your Look At Me And You Know When? When You Are Deep Inside My Mouth And Still Looking Deep At Me Through Your Sexy Eyes


8. I Am Confused By The Excess Of Options I Have To Kiss You. You Want To Know Where – Neck, Hands, Chest, Hips.


9. It’s Really Been Long That I Have Tasted You Inside My Mouth


10. Just By Looking At The Picture Which You Have Sent Me, I Came Really Hard And Strong


11. I Am Quite Eagerly Waiting For You And Completely Soaking Wet

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12. Come To Me And Allow Me To Make You Come


13. I Can’t Help But Wonder How Beautiful Look When You Are Under Me


14. I Love Your Neck. Let’s Cover It With The Neck Bites


15. No One Has The Super Power To Turn Me On As Easily As You Do It


16. You Can’t Image How Horny I Am And Still You Are This Far Away From Me

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17. You Have Been Having A Hard Working Day But Don’t Worry My Tongue Knows How To Take Care Of That.


18. Do You Know What Are The Sexiest Sound On This Earth? Your Moans Darling.


19. I Am Prepping My Nails To Dig Them Underneath Your Body Tonight.


20. We Haven’t Been Open In An Public Since Very Long? Let’s Correct It.


21. I Want To Do Everything With You. Let’s Begin With Licking, Touching, Biting And Tasting

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22. I Am Unable To Sleep As Your Body Is Not Pressed Onto Mine


23. I Want To Here Instead Of My Vibrator


24. I Am Unable To Figure Out Which One I Love More – Your Smile Or Your Little Toy.


25. If I Turned On Just By My Text, Then Imagine What Would I Have Done With You In Person.


Let us know which one is your favourate in the comments down below. We would love to hear your feedback about the same. And also share if you have shared any of the above messages with your partner.

We would love to know their response. That’s what keep us moving and encouraging at the same time.

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