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Best Wines To Try On Your Tuscany Tour

Best Wines To Try On Your Tuscany Tour

July 28th, 2018   |   Updated on August 2nd, 2018

Endless kilometers of hills, covered with green vineyards and olive trees, tiny villages with a unique past keeping centuries-old traditions of cheese & winemaking dotting the countryside, dozens of world-class wines to taste – Italy’s Tuscany region is indeed a perfect destination for a picturesque European journey.

In this overview, we’ll help you gain insight on which Tuscany wines to taste when traveling to this specific region or to Italy on the whole.


1. Getting There


Before heading to Tuscany, globetrotters traditionally make the first point of their Italy itinerary the country’s unmatched capital, Rome.

After spending some time discovering the Eternal City’s simply unmissable attractions, including the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and the microstate Vatican, they hop on a high-speed ​train from Rome to Florence​ to immerse themselves in art, and afterward make their way further to Tuscany for a taste of delicious chilled wine and a glance of the Italian rural countryside.

Even if Rome isn’t the first stop en route, as a rule, most people who come to Tuscany arrive in the region’s capital, Florence. The city allures with its striking architecture and Renaissance vibe.

Plus, it is one of the greatest places in Italy, and Europe on the whole, to visit high-end museums, such as the iconic Uffizi Gallery. And Florence’s proximity to the captivating Tuscan countryside makes it a perfect starting point for a wine-tasting adventure.


2. About The Region


Because wine plays an important role in Italy’s culture and history, it’s no surprise that there are about 20 regions in the country where wine is produced.

Hilly Tuscany is actually the most famous of all Italian regions and is especially noted not only for its wine and cuisine but also for endless outstanding vistas and landscapes.

Moreover, almost every province in Tuscany, despite its size, makes its own local wine. Over a million hectoliters of wine was made in the region in 2017 alone!

The larger cities, for instance, medieval Siena or San Gimignano are home to great wineries and provide numerous opportunities for sightseeing to top it off. And as for gastronomic delights, especially cheese, travelers head to Pienza.


3. Wines Of Tuscany


As mentioned previously, there are many places in Italy where wine has for centuries been produced, yet the ones made in Tuscany are considered to be the best ones in terms of quality.

Tuscany produces 42 types of wines regulated and quality-labeled DOC and 11 DOCGs, proving their class and guaranteeing top taste. Therefore, it goes without saying that wine enthusiasts should definitely visit this Italian region.

But even if you’re not a wine nut and distinguishing wine flavors isn’t your thing, it doesn’t mean such an activity won’t be enjoyable, on the contrary, having several glasses with a detailed explanation from an expert will be a great unmissable opportunity to learn more about Italy and discover the secrets of European winemaking traditions.

A wine expert will also explain to you, that every kind of wine has to be chilled to the right temperature, for example, using small wine cooler.

And, moreover, who’ll stop you from spoiling yourself with a glass of great Tuscan wine to complement your lunch or dinner, right?

So, let’s get to the point of this region’s wine specifics. You’ve probably heard about Montalcino, Chianti, and Montepulciano, right? And if you haven’t, jot these three names down as these labels a priori mean high-quality.

Red Wine_Foods

Yes, tasting wines of this class may be a bit costly, nevertheless, the wines listed below are noted for their unrivaled quality and are considered to be the greatest ones you can have in Tuscany.

The prestigious Tuscan red wine ​Brunello di Montalcino made from Sangiovese grapes is an absolute must-taste. ​Rosso di Montalcinois a great alternative to this wine too.

The profound ​Vino Nobile di Montepulciano equals the previous Montalcino wine in both quality and taste and is among the greatest Tuscany wines to try.

Next on the list are Chianti wines, the most famous of which are ​Chianti Classicoreds, boasting great taste, richflavor, and scent. Wine in this part of Tuscany is often bottled in traditional round fiasco bottles, the bottom of which is covered with straw. It is also believed that many of these wines are better to be had when young than long aged.

Continuing the DOCG list, wines from Carmignano are also a great choice. Provided the chance have a glass of the red ​Rosato di Carmignanoand, of course, ​Vin Santo di Carmignano.


Those planning to visit San Gimignano should try the ​Vernaccia di San Gimignano. This white wine will surely delight with its gentle taste.

Finally, IGT Toscana-category wines, referred to as Super Tuscans, are highly popular as well. It’s recommended to taste wines labeled ​Tignanello, Sassicaia, and ​Ornellaia.

Those setting off on Northern Italy tours are in for a surprise as apart from enriching sightseeing, illustrious landmarks, and a glance at true authentic Italian culture, the wine heritage of Tuscany is an adventure to treat yourself to at least once in your life.

Great blends of traditionally created wines sided with mouth-watering local cheese and fresh-baked bread with olive oil, topped with gorgeous views of the countryside – all make for an unforgettable journey. Is Tuscany among your travel plans?

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