Bobby Caldwell, The Singer-Songwriter, Passed Away At The Age Of 71

Bobby Caldwell Passed Away

Published on March 16th, 2023

Bobby Caldwell, a prominent singer and songwriter known for R&B hits such as “Open Your Eyes” and “What You Won’t Do for Love,” has passed away at the age of 71 after a lengthy illness, according to a statement from his wife Mary Caldwell. In a verified tweet from Bobby’s account, Mary expressed her heartbreak and gratitude for the support of fans, saying, “Bobby passed away here at home. I held him tight in my arms as he left us. I am forever heartbroken. Thanks to all of you for your many prayers over the years.”

Bobby Caldwell was recognized for his soulful vocals and versatile musicianship, which he attributed to the varied musical landscape of his hometown in Miami, Florida. His renowned track, “What You Won’t Do for Love,” quickly climbed the Billboard charts upon its release in 1978 and has since been sampled by several artists such as Tupac Shakur, who used it in his posthumous hit “Do For Love,” as well as Common, The Notorious BIG, and John Legend who have all incorporated Caldwell’s music into their own.

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Born in Manhattan in 1951 and raised in Miami, Bobby Caldwell grew up surrounded by the diverse musical influences of the city, including Latin, Haitian, reggae, and R&B. He got his big break as a rhythm guitarist for Little Richard in the early 1970s before signing with TK Records in 1978, a label that was recognized for its support of Black artists.

In addition to his solo work, Caldwell also wrote songs for other musicians, such as “The Next Time I Fall” for Amy Grant and Peter Cetera.

Top 10 Songs Of Bobby Caldwell

Songs Of Bobby Caldwell

Based on their popularity and chart success, here are the top 10 songs of Bobby Caldwell:

1. “What You Won’t Do for Love”

2. “My Flame”

3. “Heart of Mine”

4. “Open Your Eyes”

5. “Carry On”

6. “Stuck on You”

7. “All or Nothing at All”

8. “Jamaica”

9. “Coming Down From Love”

10. “Don’t Ask My Neighbor”