7 Enjoyable Ways To Boost Your Fizzling Sex Life

Boost Your Fizzling Sex Life

March 23rd, 2019   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

According to recent studies, millennials are currently having less sex than any generation since as far back as the 1920s. This is not great news considering that sex is not only enjoyable and boasts many proven health benefits, but also often plays an important part in a healthy relationship.

Unfortunately, thanks to factors including increasingly busy lifestyles and over-familiarity between partners, desire sometimes diminishes.


Thankfully there are a number of things a couple can do that will help them boost their sex life and reignite the passion they once had for one another.


1. Try New Positions

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If you have become accustomed to having missionary sex and nothing else for years, it really is no wonder that your sex life has started to fizzle.

Making small changes to your sex routine, such as trying out new positions, can transform your sex life in a single session. Even if you might not be ready as a couple to attempt the entire Kama Sutra, you will undoubtedly benefit from experimenting with a few new and wondrous positions and techniques.

If you feel uncomfortable about verbally expressing your desires to your partner, suggest that you both write down a few scenarios you would like to explore.

Chances are good that you will both be pleasantly surprised by what the other person has written, and more than willing to try some of the things mentioned as well.


2. Invest In A Couple Of Sex Toys

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Where sex toys were once frowned upon, they are now frequently used by loving, adventurous couples who are looking to add a new dimension to their sex lives.

There is a diversity of nifty toys and other bedroom accessories, ranging from Fleshlights to penis rings, available for couples to use during both foreplay and sex. If one partner seems more hesitant about introducing a sex toy into the bedroom, it is important to not be too pushy, but rather to facilitate open, honest communication.

Shop for your toys together and decide what you are both comfortable with using, either with each other or at least in front of one another. Despite any previous misgivings, picking sex toys can turn into a fun experience that will take your lovemaking to a whole new level.


3. Put Your Sexting Skills To The Test

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Sometimes our busy lives keep us away from our homes, and partners, longer than we wish. Thankfully, out of sight does not have to mean out of mind thanks to a little thing known as sexting.

Sending raunchy messages, photos, and videos to each other is a simple yet very effective way to reignite the passion in your relationship.

When you send your partner a sexy message, you not only let them know that you are thinking of them, but also that you are sexually attracted to them and open to a sensual encounter later on.

You can even have fun with your sexting by sending messages consisting solely of emojis, challenging your partner to try and decipher what sexy message you are trying to portray using nothing but simple images.

A waning sex life can have a huge impact on a relationship. Thankfully, making the effort to reignite the passion between you and your partner is not only very possible but will more than likely end up being extremely enjoyable as well.


4. Practice Touching

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If you are a male, ask your partner how she wants to be touched. She might be interested in you putting a finger or two in her ‘mouth’. You will make her completely aroused if you keep doing this for a few minutes. She will be ready for sex sooner than you realize. You may also ask her to tickle your penis with her tongue. Sometimes, a nice handjob works better than ‘real sex’.


5. Gifts Her A Vibrator

It is always nice to gift her a sexy gift. More so when both of you have lost interest in sex. Why don’t you gift her a high quality vibrator? Ask her to play with the vibrator right in front of you. She will learn her own sexual response and tell you the secrets of your body that she has just discovered.


6. Spend More Time


Your sexual responses start behaving differently as you age. You need more time. You also need quiet and comfortable place. Both of you have to spend more time to get each other aroused. For more excitement and fun, you can also book a hotel room for an early evening sex. Do it at least once in a month.


7. Go Beyond Clit And Nipples

Clit and nipples are not the only erogenous zones that a woman has. There are also other parts in her body which are extra sensitive to touch. It is time to let your fingers and tongue softly attack her ears, inner thigs, feet, navel, lower back, neck and other important places. Her ears are sensitive to sound and touch. It is time to whisper some dirty things in her ear. After this, you can touch her inner thigh with your tongues.