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How Her Statement,”Boys Don’t Want To Hear About Vaginas Bleeding”, Is Breaking The Internet!

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March 17th, 2017   |   Updated on February 27th, 2024

This teenage girl makes the statement, SIMPLE and BOLD, hitting hard the hypocrisy of the patriarchal society. Not every girl has uncanny knack of  sharing her existential experiences and putting them into words, but this gutsy Aranya Johar did this with aplomb.

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Scroll Down For The “A Brown Girl’s Guide to Gender” Video

In her video, which has recently started breaking the internet, “A Brown Girl’s Guide To Gender”, Aranya talks about how conveniently men condition women’s minds that their clothing and cleavage are the reasons for wanting rape.

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She expresses how they are made to feel ashamed for having periods. She talks about how the female gender has been sexualised from a very young age, how marital rape is still considered fine’ and how there are very few men whom the female gender can trust.

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Watch the amazing poem by Aranya Johar, where she made her point through poetry:

Video: YouTube: UnErase Poetry

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