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14 Men Molest Two Girls In UP. Why Is There A Steep Rise In Molestation Cases?

Women Molest In Up’s Rampur

May 29th, 2017   |   Updated on February 28th, 2024

In a brazen act of sexual harassment, around 14 men molested two girls in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur district. The accused filmed the whole incident using their mobile phones and circulated it over social media in the last 15 days.

The shocking footage aired by the channel showed the men accosting the victims on an isolated road. As they were walking away, one of the accused was seen pulling the girl’s dupatta. The men then went on to grope, pull and push the girls. The girls were heard wailing and pleading to let them go.

Women Molest In Up’s Rampur -V1

Molestation cases in the count have witnessed a dramatic rise in recent years. So, why is there a steep rise, in female molestation cases?



The reasons for this rise is as follows:

1. Visual media is definitely has a role to play in perpetuating crimes. Children are exposed to sex and porn online much earlier now than ever before. Porn does not promote healthy sexual relationships. If children are exposed to it at an early age, then their minds are not yet mature enough to completely understand what they are confronted with.




2. Not an effective police force, few female officers. This is a major reason for the crimes against women to escalate, and remain unchecked, there are too few female officers in our police forces and our police force, taking into account our huge population is inadequate and under-equipped and under-trained to tackle deeply psychological nature of domestic and child abuse.




3. Acceptance of domestic abuse and low status of women. This is the biggest sociological reason for crimes against women to continue unabated. A women becomes a social pariah when she raises her voice against her in-laws or her husband, or reports a rape. This rises from our patriarchal mentality which is prevalent in almost all culture groups in a country as diverse as India. Also something that is a very deep reason for a problem and extremely difficult to tackle and resolve.

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4. Slow court judgement. The judiciary system in India is painstakingly slow, and more often leads to fewer convictions because it exposes the victim, and their support system, the evidence to a huge time range which can be used to harass the victim, tamper with evidence and bribe, or move beyond the range of accountability.

Women Molest In Up’s Rampur - molestation


5. General apathy towards safety. India is an unsafe place for a women, some women are unaware or simply think it cannot happen to them. Rapes are common in places like the public transport system, recreational places. Molestation can happen even in police stations. This lack of public safety is also an atmosphere conducive to sexual crimes.

Rampur Molestation


What is even more worrying is that the conviction rate in molestation cases (under Section 354) is abysmally low.

Experts said that the low conviction rate is due to shoddy investigations and reluctance on part of police officials to pursue such cases. The legal system also needs to be spruced up, they said.

WOMEN - Molestation

Physical abuse is an extremely destructive and personal crime. Its effects on you and your loved ones can be psychologically and emotionally devastating. To reduce the cases and happenings of molestation there are many things that can help.

1. To teach young boys to respect women.

respect women


2. To instil culture and values in the minds of the young boys and men.

3. To stop making a big fuss about a girl wearing short clothes.

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4. To understand once and for all that it was and is never about those damn clothes in the first place.

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5. The government needs to make the laws strict regarding the safety of the women in this country.

6. It is time that we should move on from those narrow-minded thoughts and taboos related to how women should behave and what they should wear because let’s be honest if women changing their style of dressing would reduce this crime then it would not have risen in the first place.

narrow-minded thoughts and taboos


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