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November 25th, 2022   |   Updated on May 22nd, 2023

The more rapidly the crypto market is expanding its application scope, the more effective benefits it will bring to the real sector of the economy, and the more companies will strive to connect their processes with blockchain.

There are cryptocurrency services that allow real sector organizations to integrate blockchain technology and use crypto assets to facilitate their business operations.

For example, financial establishments that want to use blockchain and provide cheaper and faster currency transfers worldwide; or other companies aiming to facilitate their processes of logistics, etc.

This article describes one of them, the Chainlink crypto. This asset is traded on all large and credible crypto platforms, and as of November 14, 2022, the Link coin price is $6.29.

The Chainlink Project

This project aims to bridge the gap between non-blockchain-based companies in real life and blockchain networks by allowing the integration of smart contracts.

Chainlink works with Ethereum and Solana networks – tho leading blockchains for smart contracts. So the real-sector companies that work with Chainlink receive access to these networks.

Where Can I Convert LINK to USDT?

You can buy Chainlink using any large crypto exchange, for example, the WhiteBIT platform. It works with reputable cryptocurrency projects and is constantly expanding its partnerships, adding new promising coins to its trading list.

It offers over 400 pairs with crypto coins and the availability to attack your bank card to the account and buy crypto for real money.

You can also convert your digital coins to USDT or USD if you decide to withdraw your assets to a bank card.

To trade Link, you can use any trading method using the WhiteBIT demo account first. Then, when you get enough practice, you may switch to the real market and start making money.

To learn more about trading Link coins, visit the WhiteBIT blog.

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