5 Must-Have Cheese Board Tools For Summer Party

Cheese Board Tools

Published on October 6th, 2022

If there is one thing we all want this summer, it’s a gorgeous and appetizing cheese plate. But the reality of getting your platter ready for an Insta story can be tricky—you don’t want any salad or fruit to compete with all those amazing meats! The good news? With just some simple preparation steps (and maybe even one very important trick) you’ll have yourself not only worth mentioning in anyone’s feed but also looking like they picked up their own custom picnic meal from Huit admit-ience.

If you’re looking to up your summer game, then look no further than these must-have tools. A good charcuterie board is the perfect way to make any event more appetizing and enjoyable for guests of all ages! With so many options out there it can be tough choosing what’s right but we’ve done just that by researching over 50 different types ourselves (trust us -we know how important this decision is!) Here are Royal Craft Wood’s top picks!

Bamboo Cheese Board

The bamboo board (look at the example) is the perfect way to enjoy a selection from our range of delicious cheeses, salami and wafers while ensuring your knives stay sharp. With enough space for all sorts of treats it’s an evening not to be forgotten!

The best part about bamboo charcuterie boards is that they can handle any and all flavors without ruining their sleek appearance. If you’re looking for a classy yet practical decoration to add some ambiance in your living room, then this product will be perfect!

Your guests won’t be able to resist these delectable delights when they’re served on our innovative charcuterie board serving tray. Whether you need a platter for your next bougie park picnic or fun game night, this sleek and stylish design is up with the task! Its non-absorbing composition ensures that crackers will never smell like cheese after each use while also being aroma resistant so no one has any complaints about their food flavor either – great job!!

The sustainable Royal Craft Wood bamboo cheese board will never go anywhere thanks to its silicone grip bottom and practical design. You can use this eco-friendly cheeseboard for charcuterie, side handles that allow you maximize your eating area without making guests feel crowded or uncomfortable; plus there are convenient serving sections on both sides of the plate where all nuts/crackers meal fit neatly while keeping them well within reach!

The perfect thing for the person who has everything, this bamboo cheese board will make any party more delicious. With its antibacterial qualities and ability to serve as an easy housewarming or baby shower decoration – you’ll be sure not regret giving one of these!

Cheese Knives Set

Knives will slice through anything with ease, from soft cheeses like Brie and blue to hard ones like parmesan. The set comes in three different shapes – flat knife for cutting up ingredients onto your plate; fork-tipped spear perfect when you want an easy way of slicing or picking up certain types foods while still allowing other items falls underneath without getting dirty at all! And finally there’s spade shaped blade great if rustic crumble needs making instead . It’s versatile design means it can be used by anyone who loves food.

Ceramic Bowls Set

With a charming farmhouse look and practical design features, these ramekins will add pure flair to your plate. Plus they’re always helpful for dips (like jam or honey) as well as items in brines such olives & cornichons- perfect when you need small bowls! Pickled elements like pickle relish make summertime charcuterie exceptional; I know this because it’s something my family enjoys eating together at home often times during warm weather months too..
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Demitasse Spoons

The mini spoons are an overlooked serving utensil that can be used to assist with dips and sauces. Expert opinion agrees, as well! Chefs say: “With your jams or honey on the table, these coffee-sipping cups will double as small tools for guests who want some decoration in their meal.” And she found just about an adorable set out there – perfect summer time dishware.
I love how versatile this tool is; it’s great when having company over because they’re not all expected dinner party mood music (or if you don’t feel like cooking).

Cozy Picnic Blanket

Picnic season is finally here! The only thing better than a cheese plate and glass of wine on an autumn day? Pairing it with your new favorite picnic blanket. This bright red pick from Mullen will keep you cozy while also being able to easily transport, clean or store any accessories for those pesky grass stains left behind after playing games all afternoon in the park- who wants dirty clothes when they can just wash them off at home instead?!


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