How To Move Smoothly During A Long Distance Move

Long Distance Move

February 13th, 2021   |   Updated on October 18th, 2022

Moving is an overwhelming process and it needs a lot of planning and patience to have a smooth move.

Even if you are a minimalist, moving is the biggest household task. To enjoy your new abode, you have to stay organized throughout the process.

As per the leading experts associated with, staying organized and well planned will keep your process unscathed and stress-free. Moving to a new house is always fun and exciting in the beginning and gets stressful along the way.

Moving can be exhausting and daunting at the same time and it needs tools and expertise to have a successful move. We can manage the stress of moving by proper planning and a good checklist.

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So, here we present a list of some important tips that can help you in having a smooth move:

1. Make A Move Strategy

Make your moving strategy from beginning to end. Make sure you include every task in the moving process strategy from hiring a moving company to gather moving supplies.

The best way to achieve your targeted moving process is to start it early. Stay organized and try not to procrastinate the process till the last minute. Unless it is a last minute move, you might have enough time to execute your moving process.

Itemize everything and create a timeline to accomplish your moving tasks within time.

2. Find A Right Moving Company

Hiring a moving company is a complex process as it is hard to judge. It is advised to search for a good and reliable moving company.

Make sure you hire a properly licensed and insured professional moving company to keep any moving frauds away. Check the complaint history of the moving company on the database of U.S. DOT.

Some agents act as a company when searched online. It is wise to check the actual location of the company to be sure.

3. Keep Documents And Valuables Safe

Moving is a complex process and it is hard to keep track of everything on a moving day. As it is important to keep all your documents and valuables safe, it is a good idea to keep them at a safe place before your moving day.

It is better to store them in a bag and keep the bag with you.

4. Make Advanced Travel Arrangements

Move Smoothly During A Long Distance Move

For a long-distance move, it is important to make your travel arrangements well in advance to avoid any last-minute chaos.

Making your travel arrangement in advance will not only save money as you will have to pay a high price for current bookings but will also keep you stress-free about your travel plans.

If you are moving locally, even then it is advised to keep a vehicle ready for your move.

5. Save On Packing Material By Going Green

Reusing those old moving boxes will not only save money but will also save the environment as moving day generate a great deal of waste material.

Try to reuse used cardboard boxes and use socks, hand towels, and bath towels in place of bubble wrap.

Newspaper can be used in place of packing paper. This will reduce the amount of waste. You can also consider renting plastic bins in place of cardboard. Plastic bins will not only save money but will also keep your stuff safe.

If more than one person is involved in the packing process, establishing a system is very important to stay organized.

6. Label Every Box

Make sure you label every box immediately after you finish packing that box. You can use different colour labels to distinguish them room-wise. Also, it is wise to place a list of items packed in the box.

Stack the packed boxes in one corner of the house in a systematic manner to stay organized.

This will help your movers to load similar boxes together. Labelling will also help you while unloading and organizing your stuff at your new house after the move.

7. Avoid Packing In Garbage Bags

Packing things in garbage bags is a common mistake made by most people. Garbage bags are often taken for trash by the movers and people lose their belongings.

8. Measure Your Furniture, Hallways, And Doorways

Consider measuring your furniture, hallways, and doorways for the smooth exit and entry of your furniture.

It is a very common mistake made by most of the movers as they don’t measure the needed stuff and many furniture items do not fit into their new house.

Measuring will help you in deciding which furniture pieces you can take along and you can sell the remaining things.

9. Host A Goodbye Party

With all the moving planning and execution, it is important to let your friends and family know about your move, and hosting your own goodbye party is the best way to notify your people about your move.

If you are moving locally, you can even ask them for help. Having your favourite people around during your move will make it an interesting event.

Now that you know the key factors that can make your long distance move easy, make sure you use them and enjoy the process.

You can always negotiate with the movers and find an affordable deal to avoid the financial stress, which is one of the major concern when moving to a long distance.