7 Things To Remember After An Auto Accident

Truck Accident

June 15th, 2021   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

Car accidents can happen to anyone. Every day, thousands of car crashes occur throughout the U.S. Six million car accidents happen every year in the U.S. on average, with around 37,000 deaths.

The minutes following an accident may leave you dazed and confused. It may take time for you to process what just happened. Snap back to your senses! You must stay alert after an auto accident as anything can happen from then.

More vehicles might get caught up in the collision, or maybe an unexpected explosion might occur. What you do after a car accident can affect your safety and your accident claim. Here are some things you need to remember after an auto accident

1. Be As Cool As A Cucumber

If the other driver has a hot head and confronts you aggressively, remember that you can’t put out a fire with more fire. You must remain calm after an accident, no matter how angry or aggressive the other driver is. Arguing with them mindlessly can make the situation worse and, in some cases, provoke them to act violently towards you.

Speak with them in a calm and civilized manner. Do not make any accusations, and also, do not apologize. Even if you’re only apologizing verbally, they may use this apology against you in the future and claim that you admitted fault since you apologized.

2. Check For Any Injuries And Call 911

After an accident, you must evaluate the severity of your injuries, if there are any. If you have been seriously injured, you must avoid moving too much and wait for emergency personnel to arrive.

You must also get a full medical examination as soon as possible to determine the severity of your injuries. You can also ask the doctor for a copy of your medical examination results to use for your claim.

3. Document The Scene And Gather Evidence

If you can, you must try to document the accident before the authorities arrive. Take a picture of your damaged vehicle, the street the accident happened in, and the other person’s vehicle as well.

You can also get some shots of traffic signs or signals, lane markings, trees, and anything you believe may have contributed to the crash.

4. Exchange Information With The Other Driver

While waiting for the authorities to arrive, you must try to exchange information from the other driver. Regardless of who you think is at fault, you must still try to exchange contact details with them. Make sure that you get their name, address, and phone number, as well as the name of their insurance company.

5. Give The Police An Accurate Description Of Your Side Of Events.

The police would usually ask for the sides of both parties to make an accurate and non-biased police report.

Once the officers ask for your side of events, make sure that you give them an accurate description of what happened. Do not mention any guesses or speculation, as this can affect the authenticity of your report.

You can also ask them for a copy of the police report, as your insurer may need this when you file a claim.

6. Do Not Accept Any Quick Settlements From The Other Driver.

Yes, the process can be quite tedious, but it can be beneficial for you in the long run if you win your accident claim. There are circumstances where the other driver may try to convince you not to call authorities anymore and file a claim. They’ll say they will pay you a certain amount and settle it at that.

Sounds easy, right? But, you have to remember, even if you think the damages aren’t that big and your injuries aren’t that bad. Some symptoms don’t start appearing until a few hours later.

What will happen if you are seriously injured and need major surgery and medical attention? This can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars, and the bad news, you can’t receive financial compensation for it anymore since you let the other driver off the hook. This is why you must trust the process and avoid accepting quick settlements from the other party.

7. Talk To An Experienced Auto Accident Lawyer.

Talking to an auto accident lawyers can increase your chances of winning your accident claim. Attorneys have years of experience; they also have resources and connections that they can utilize to win your claim. A good auto accident lawyer will vigorously fight for your rights while ensuring that you’re being compensated fairly by the insurance company.

Insurance companies would frequently lowball the victims and trick them into settling for less when their claim is worth a lot more. Your auto accident lawyer can serve as a reliable legal guide and tell you how much your claim is worth and ensure that you get the highest possible settlement amount.