The Average Cost Of Stem Cell Banking In Dubai

Stem Cell Banking In Dubai

August 22nd, 2022   |   Updated on September 21st, 2022

Stem cell banking is one of the most useful and magical inventions of medical science. It is saving the lives of a lot of individuals and children. 

Previously umbilical cord used to be thrown away after the birth of the baby. At present, cord blood banking offers the opportunity to store the stem cells of cord blood and use that later in order to treat a number of life-threatening diseases. 

What Is Stem Cell Banking?

Stem cell banking is the procedure of collecting, processing, and storing stem cells that are collected from cord blood. This process is super simple and also painless. The best part is that cord blood contains more stem cells than bone marrow.

It means when it comes to treating some particular life-threatening diseases; cord blood is more effective than bone marrow. Also, the bone marrow collection process is complicated and also painful for the donor.

The chances of getting a match are less. 

The Cost of Stem Cell banking In Dubai

The cost of stem cell banking in Dubai varies on different cord blood banks and what package you are using. It is not always only about storing the cord blood or stem cells. You actually can do a lot more to secure the future of your child and other loved ones as well. 


Only storing cord blood might not be enough in some specific critical cases. So, if you have more budget, we will always recommend you to go with the CryoUltimate package. This package typically includes additional stem cell sources from the amnion placenta tissue and the cord vessel for complete storage of all stem cells. 

Now, come to the cost. Usually, these types of packages come with higher pricing. This package costs somewhere between AED 21,000 to AED 24,000. Here also, you have the flexibility of monthly interest-free instalments. 

You are getting the following services with this package. 

  • Cord tissue.
  • Cord blood.
  • Cord vessel.
  • Placenta tissue.
  • Amnion tissue.

In addition to all those, this package comes with a storage of 12 subdivisions. That means you are getting exactly what you are paying for. This package is worth the money indeed. 


This package allows you to store all stem cells that you need from the cord tissue, cord blood, and placenta tissue in order to protect your family. Here you are getting a little extra than just usual cord blood banking. 

Usually, the cost of the CryoAdvanced package varies from AED 18,000 to AED 21,000. Here also, you are getting the chance to opt for monthly interest-free instalments. You can choose any instalment options as per your requirements. 

With this package, you are actually storing cord tissue, cord blood, and, lastly, placenta tissue for your newborn baby for future use. This will ensure that your baby is protected from more life-threatening diseases again. 

Now, come to the storage part; with this specific package, you will get storage of 10 subdivisions. 


With this package, you will get the basic cord blood along with cord tissue storage. This particular package is a great basic protection package that is specifically crafted for your precious little boo. 

The cost usually varies between AED 17,000 to 20,000. Here, you might also get the opportunity to make the payment on a monthly free instalment basis. We believe this will obviously suit your family. 

Both cord blood and cord tissues are being stored in this package, and you will get storage of 8 subdivisions.

Every Package Include

Now, you know what you are actually getting with each and every package. But let us tell you that the package is not limited to the offerings that we have mentioned in the above section. With every package, you are getting a lot more, and here they are. 

  • Initial storage for 30 years in the USA, UAE, Switzerland, and Netherlands. 
  • If you are in the UAE, you will get critical time processing the same day.
  • You will also get free transport to almost any transport centre in the world. 
  • 24-hour sample collection is another perk.
  • AABB/FDA accredited laboratory for testing and storing purposes. 

To Conclude

Whenever you are choosing any stem cell bank, you always have to ensure that you are choosing the best ones that have proper accreditation and certifications. Only this way will you get all the benefits.


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